Floral and Leather


Jacket:  Sam Edelman (Saks, old) // Floral Top:  Von Vonni // Leggings:  Marshalls // Shoes:  Vince Camuto (gifted) // Belt:  Mom’s closet, vintage
Hello there
lovelies!  For today’s outfit I decided to mix it up a bit.  I
wouldn’t normally wear something like this but I felt like I have the hair to
go for an edgy look so I might as well test the waters.  
Since it’s spring
I had to whip out the floral top which I actually wore here over the winter and I paired it with a
few edgier pieces.  I’m always wearing my
hair extensions and I never really truly embraced my short hair here on the
blog.  Most of you probably haven’t
noticed but it’s a lot shorter than when I first cut it back in September.  I think I like long hair better because I
feel more confident, especially in pictures. 
I don’t wear my extensions on a daily basis because now that it’s short
naturally it’s a lot harder to blend the extensions compared to when I had my
red hair I would just clip in the extensions and be on my merry way.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my short hair and
I embrace it outside of my blog.  I
decided to start showing my short hair a little more on the blog because let’s
be honest not all of us bloggers can have beautiful long fresh out of the salon
looking hair.  Because of my short hair I’ve
changed my style a little bit and of course my makeup has changed
slightly.  It’s a minimal difference that
probably no one will notice except for myself. 
I know a lot of people say that short hair is easier to take care of,
however in my case not so much.  I have
wavy hair so I have to actually style my hair every day, whereas before I would
just tease it a little bit spray some hairspray and be on my merry way.  Now, I have to put it in curlers, straighten it,
tease it and make sure there’s enough “poof” in the back to give the haircut it’s
full justice haha.
I hope y’all don’t
mind me wearing my natural hair here and there on the blog, it’s just so much
work with those dang extensions!  Plus,
until I decide on what color I want to keep my hair I’m not investing in really
good extensions (I’m saving up for the best Bellami’s possible!) just because
it would be a waste, not just of money but of the extensions themselves.  Since I used henna for the red hair it’s
really hard to make those pieces of hair blonde, hence the ombre effect that’s
on accident, but I’ve been telling people it’s on purpose, sh don’t tell!

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