Genny the Genesis Coupe and a Link Up


A very cold gust of wind attacked me in this picture, hence the funny face.

Sweater:  Ralph Lauren // Leggings:  Marshalls // Booties:  Enzo Angelino // Scarf:  Zara (from my blogger bestie’s Ebay) // Clutch:  Marshalls
Today in honor of the Fast and Furious series happening this
week I wanted to introduce the boyfriend’s car. 
Genny, the Genesis.  Yes, it’s
purposely spelled with a G.  You may have
seen her first debut in this post.  For those
of you who are wondering Genny is a Hyundai Genesis Coupe R Spec.  Boyfriend hasn’t really done too much to the
car in all the years he’s had her (his first car was American muscle, then VW,
and now Genny).  Let’s break down a few
things that Genny has goin’ on.
  • 306 HP
  • Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)
  • Custom Exhaust
  • Painted Wheels
  • Custom Headlights
  • Android tablet in the dash
  • Audio System
  • Custom Interior Lights

And a lot of stuff that will most likely bore you if you
came here for the fashion part of my blog. 
For those of you who like cars like me, you know I can keep going with
everything that’s done under the hood. 
However, I will spare those of you who don’t care or care to know about
The car itself is fun. 
I haven’t driven her (yet) but I can’t wait for the day that I do.  She’s a 6 speed just like my car and her
reverse is just like VW; push down and up like you’re going to 1st
gear.  If you’ve ever driven a VW that’s
stick I’m sure you’ve done the infamous bonking down on the shifter in neutral
because it bounces.  Or maybe that’s just
me.  I used to do it when I’d get bored,
I get fidgety sometimes.
Oh and in case you were wondering Genny likes to do burn
outs, drift, race, and long walks on the beach hahaha. #becauseracecar Yes, that
needed to happen.



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  1. That's really a nice car -Love the cold colour. You look great and i like how you styled your hair. 🙂

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