Mermaid Nails


As some of you know a few weeks ago I was in Orlando for a convention with my full time job.  Since I’m big into nail art and change them every week I decided that I would make my nails look like mermaids with seashells and fun ocean’y colors.  I also decided to make a scale effect with two of my nails.  The seashells are all decals.  The full colored ones are actually better because they shape to your nail better since they have a curve where as the ones that almost look like an outline are very stiff and stick out if you don’t shape them to your nail prior to applying which I think was my issue.  We all learn from our mistakes though, am I right?!

Both polishes are by Sally Hansen, I’m telling you, I swear by that brand.

I couldn’t really show a tutorial with the scale effect because I actually kind of messed up so here is what I came up with!  I kept thinking of that book from when I was little with the sparkly fish on the front haha.

This is where you add the finishing touches with decals, sparkles, and top coat!


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