Not Your Average Date Night


Top, Leggings, Sneakers, and Sunnies all from Poland // Necklaces:  Lord and Taylor and Macy’s  
She don’t believe in shooting stars but she believes in shoes and cars.
If you read my 5 for Friday post last week (here) you
already know that I switched a few things on my car.  These were the pictures taken before all of
those changes were made.  It was just a
few hours before.  This was my date night
with boyfriend!  We got started on my car
pretty late and spent about 7 hours working on it.  We are both very detail oriented when it
comes to things like this so it had to be PERFECT.  Anyway, before we got down to business with
my car I was feeling pretty bada$$ in these pictures.  I wanted to do an edgier look and of course
black is the go to but I wanted to do something extreme with my hair.  Since I can’t buzz the side of my hair (nor
would I want to because growing it out would be a pain) I wanted to give the
same effect of the whole side buzz cut thing. 
So, I put two French braids with a deep side part.  Once I finished my hair I was thinking the
rest of the outfit has to be edgy but not take away from the hair because it’s
probably my favorite part of this whole post.
I stuck with a black bandeau, loose shirt, leggings, and my
pink high top/high heel sneakers.  Also,
boyfriend surprised me with a Pink Lemonade Monster (I don’t drink energy
drinks but it was pink and black so he got it just for the colors) and it fit
into the whole look perfectly.  For these
pictures I took the top down in my car so that I can show it’s a hard top
convertible too.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY
VOLVO!  I don’t care if I get made fun of
in the car world, I truly love this car. 
Everything about it is perfect, minus the whole it’s not known to be a
bamf, it’s just known for it’s safety haha. 
Hey, they do say it’s the safest car.
Anyway, I can’t wait to start working on my car more and
taking pictures.  I was thinking about
posting about the makeover my car is getting here on the blog.  I think it would be interesting, plus it’s
something that I am enthusiastic about and hey maybe it can help someone else
have some ideas.  My next two things I’m
going to do are the straight pipe (which is an exhaust that is custom made and
welded on, in other words for those of you who don’t know anything about cars
it’s going to be super loud) and the tints. 
After that I’m going to have to do minor changes because anything to do
with cars gets costly.  This is also
proof that girly girls can also like and work on cars.  I don’t really like using the term “car girl”
because I feel like a lot of the time it’s associated with a very negative
meaning.  I prefer car enthusiast, but if
someone calls me a car girl I’m not going to get offended, I’ll just hope they
meant it in a nice way.
Do any of you have not so average date nights?  This was my date night and it was fun to do
think outside the box instead of doing the stereotypical dinner and a movie,
although those dates are fun too.

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