Ombre Elephant Nail Art Tutorial


“An elephant never forgets.”

I’m surprised it’s taken me so long to do an elephant mani
because they are my FAVORITE animal of all time (besides dogs, but pets count
as family in my book).  I’ve been
collecting elephant figurines since before I could remember, it actually
started with my grandma.  She started a
collection for me and then it just kept going from there.  I believe in the whole elephants are good
luck thing, well as long as their trunk is up! 
That is the key to that whole theory! 
Here is my ombre elephant nail tutorial!

First you are going to start with a base coat.  I apply Sally Hansen Maximum Strength Nail
strengthener first, then follow with the top coat once it dries.

Once that is done, you are going to move on to the ombre
portion of this mani.  I’ve seen a few
ways on how to achieve the ombre effect, but this one works for me the best so
I am stickin’ to what I know!  You take a
makeup sponge and apply the colors you want in the sequence you want.  Then you dab it onto the white nail.  You will have to do this 2-3 times if you
want to achieve a really drastic ombre. 
Oh, and don’t forget to leave your ring finger white!

This was my first time using water decals and let me tell
you, it was kind of weird.  It’s
definitely going to take some getting used to and practice to get it perfect,
but putting on water decals was just strange haha.  I got these 20 Water Slide Nail Decals African Elephant Silhouette
 on Amazon.  They arrived pretty quickly actually.
Once the nail decal and ombre is dry apply your OPI top
coat.  I swear by this top coat!


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