Rocksbox Jewelry


*I have been given a 3 month free membership to Rocksbox,
however all opinions are my own.
Aren’t those pieces absolutely stunning?  Well, when Rocksbox approached me and asked
me to test out their products and their monthly subscription of course I said
yes.  I’m a huge accessories person and
for me, the bigger the better.  I love
bracelet stacking and big chunky necklaces. 
I love anything edgy and Rocksbox seems to have everything.  Even if you are into small and dainty jewelry
they offer that as well.
So how does this work?
All you do is log on to Rocksbox, create an account, and you
pay for a monthly subscription.  You take
a survey so that your Rocksbox Stylist can pick out the perfect pieces for
you.  Then, once you receive your items
you can keep them for as long as you want, or send them back when you are done
using them and are onto the next one. 
Or, if you really just can’t live without one of the pieces you have,
you can buy them for the insider price.
Now, the good part. 
For one month Rocksbox is kind enough to give my readers a one month
subscription FOR FREE!  That’s
right!  After the first month is over and
if for some reason you can’t get to it within a month, if you use my special
code you get 50% off a month’s subscription.  The code to use is MEJMODAXOXO
Have you heard of Rocksbox, if so what do you think?

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