5 for Friday

Ain’t that the truth?!

Work mom retires
I try not to talk about work too much here on the blog but
sometimes I can’t help it since it’s my “secret life” away from this blog.  I’m a corporate lady by day and blogger by
night.  Today my work mom retires.  I’m most likely going to cry when I have to
see her walk out of this building one last time but I know it’s for the
best.  I mean, she gets to travel, relax,
and whatever else she’s going to do now. 
I’m sad for my own selfish reasons. 
She was my go to.  She was like my
mom but at work.  We used to have lunch
every so often and visit each other’s cubicles in the morning.  I mean we’ve known each other for almost 3
years.  I guess this just means that I’m
going to have to come visit her down the shore and bug her there hehe.  Mama, if you’re reading this I wish you all
the best and you will definitely be missed here in the office.
Tomorrow I get my hair done. 
I’m starting to feel like Helena from Orphan Black with my roots.  Now I must confess, I try to take outfit
photos when I don’t have any roots because ladies and gents it’s quite
horrifying haha.  I’m not too sure what I’m
going to do about my hair to be honest. 
I’m kind of getting bored and I feel like it would make so much more
sense to go back to dark hair but at the same time I want to have pink in it
before I leave for Poland in August.  I
can’t have crazy colors in the office (obviously) so I wanted to put pink in my
hair the night before I left for Poland because by the time I’d be back it
would be faded.  Decisions are the worst
for a Libra.
Lucky FABB
I’m so sad.  Yesterday I found out Lucky FABB has been postponed.  So, there will be no post or social media coverage of the event.
Cystic fibrosis awareness month
It’s CF awareness month.  For those of you who don’t know what that is,
the exact definition is:  a
hereditary disorder affecting the exocrine glands. It causes the production of
abnormally thick mucus, leading to the blockage of the pancreatic ducts,
intestines, and bronchi and often resulting in respiratory infection (as per
google).  The reason why I bring this is
up is because one of my friends who I’ve known for well over 10 years has
Cystic Fibrosis.  I wrote about her
here.  Please take a moment to read
it.  I’m actually working on getting an
update post for everyone to see how she’s doing.
Friday Positivity today instead of funnies

I just wanted to say thank you.  A gigantor thank you to those of you who read
my post on Wednesday.  I cannot believe
the amount of people who commented with such positivity.  If you don’t have time to read the post here,
I’ll summarize.  Pretty much I took
outfit photos and once I saw the one set of pictures I was a little upset.  I had rolls in the picture.  It was the way that I posed, but still, this didn’t
happen the last time I wore the dress. 
So I edited it, however, I didn’t edit all of it.  My camera makes me look really short and wide
which I’m definitely not, I’m 5’9 and average size.  I decided to keep the roll even if it wasn’t “cute.”  Now, why did I keep it if I’m posting these
pictures on the internet?  The answer is
simply because it’s the real me.  I don’t
usually have rolls, but the way I stood and the way the dress cut off (since I
gained a few pounds) it formed into a roll. 
Then I started to think about all the issues that I had growing up with
my body and the insecurities I had.  So I
wrote a post about the first time I was told I was big girl, curvy and had
thunder thighs.  I had such a great
response as I was the comments in emails that blogger sends to me I just kept
smiling.  It was such a positive
experience so I just wanted to say thank you to everyone.
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  1. Awww I can definitely relate to having a work mom. It's so hard to see someone leave after you've known them for so long! And you're leaving for Poland?! I'm so jealous of everyone's travels! 🙂

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