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Memorial Day Week Special
As you’ve seen all week I have a Memorial Day special going
on filled with all things patriotic. 
From nails, to outfits, to recipes, it’s all red white and blue this
week!  There’s actually more to come on
Monday, on actual Memorial Day so stay tuned for the final post Monday.  Here’s a little recap from this week, just
click on the links to be redirected to the posts!
…and one more post on Monday so stay tuned!
Memorial Day Weekend
As most of you know today after you get out of work begins
the infamous kickoff to the summer; Memorial Day Weekend.  I’m equally as excited as everyone else
because this is your typical weekend to relax, have a few beers along with a
BBQ, and spending time with friends and family. 
But see, that’s just it, a majority of us get to spend it with friends
and family.  Memorial Day is always
bittersweet for me because of what happened 19 years ago (time really flies) on
Memorial Day.  I know the date changes
every year, but that day 19 years ago I lost someone very special in my
life.  So, ironically on Memorial Day I
take the time to remember this special someone and of course go through the
yearly tradition with this day.  I wanted
to take the time to remind everyone to remember those of us who can’t be with
their friends and family.  Remember those
men and women in uniform who can’t be with their families whether it be because
they never made it home or they are serving their duty to this country.  That’s what Memorial Day is really
about.  It’s not just about the BBQ’s and
the time spent going on a mini vacation and kicking off the start to the
summer, it’s about remembering those who protect our freedom.  I know I’ve said this numerous times this
week and on the blog in general but it’s something I’m truly passionate
about.  I have many friends in the
military who are either active, inactive, or retired.  I have many friends who are military
spouses.  So please, on Monday, remember
those in our military.
Upstate NY
The weekend is almost officially here.  Once the boyfriend gets out of work we are on
our way to upstate NY for the weekend.  I
love going up there because it’s so nice and relaxing and actually the last
time I was there was for New Year’s so I’m excited to see how many memories
will be made with the warmer months (and holidays that come with them) up

Graduation Recap
Baby brother of Jersey Girl Texan Heart has officially
graduated.  After four long years at
Boston University he did it!  I know I’ve
been bragging about it but can you blame me? 
My little brother is ready to take on the real world.  I could not have been more proud the moment
his name was called for that diploma. 
The poor lady in front of me nearly had a heart attack with how loud I
was cheering.  I decided not to upload
those pictures of that particular moment because it’s for close friends and
family, sorry y’all.
Countdown to Poland 71 days
I’m pretty sure this part of 5 for Friday is pretty self
explanatory.  I’m 71 days away from
Poland.  That also means that I’m 70 days
away from doing something drastic to my hair. 
It’s going to be pink, I figure I’ll be gone for 2 weeks so by the time
I get back from vacation the pink would have already faded so it’ll look like
red or strawberry blonde for work.  I
know, it’s a brilliant plan.
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  1. Thanks for linking up with Friday Favorites, Monica!! A lot of stuff going on for you! Congrats to your brother! Your family looks soo cute and happy. Wow, pink hair- I say go for it! I wanted pink highlights at one point but couldn't because of the job I had in high school. A good way to test it out is to get one of those temporary sprays or a hair chalk. Wear it for the day and see if you like it before committing if you're unsure!

    Have a great MDW in upstate NY!!

    The Closet by Christie


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