5 for Friday

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Hey Everyone, so if you’ve been following or reading my blog
for the past week you already know that my baby brother is graduating from
Boston University!  If you’re reading
this I’m currently in Boston.  Depending
on what time you’re reading this I may even be watching my brother walk.  I remember graduation like it was yesterday
(both of them since I have an MBA and Bachelors).  I actually went to my old college the other
day for a series that will be up on the blog the second week June.  For those new graduates stay tuned it will be
very beneficial for you to read!  Anyway,
while I was at my old school I started to reminisce.  All of the memories made there even though I
was a commuter and the friends I made. 
Along with what I learned.  However,
I must say I learned more with my job now because it’s hands on not straight
from a book.  Now I know why they make us
business majors take that simulation game as a senior!  Anyway, I’m so so so so proud of my baby
brother!  Oh, and if you want to follow
my adventures in Boston just type in @jerseygirltexanheart or click on the link
to follow me!
Memorial Day Special Next Week
Next week is all about Memorial Day!  It’s the kickoff of the summer.  I will be spending time in upstate NY along
with going to visit two special family members at the cemetery on Memorial
Day.  It’s a tradition I have every
year.  This will actually be the first
time baby brother doesn’t come with.
Bought my ticket to Poland
My ticket is officially bought to go to Poland.  I also already had my vacation time approved
by my managers.  Now I just need to have a
countdown to that day.  Wait for it…78
days!  Hey, at least it’s not in the
triple digits!
Blogger Meetup in the works
So I’m currently working on a blogger meetup for any
bloggers who can make it into NYC on either June 6th or 20th.  Those are the two dates that are available.  Whichever day has the most “votes” will be
the day we meet up.  If you are a blogger
that is either NYC/NJ/PA/CONN based let me know if you would be interested, or
if you are just in NYC visiting let me know too maybe you can make a pit stop!
Friday Funnies/Allergies Edition
Ok, so allergies are no joke people, especially this week.  I actually think it’s a mix of being sick too
but I’ve already been stocking up on Zyrtec. 
Let me tell you, if you’re an allergy sufferer like me, this stuff is
the cure!  Well as long as you take
Zyrtec you’re cured haha.  Anyway, I
decided to poke fun at my lovely allergy filled self with the Friday funnies
This was me all week!
^^Sorry everyone.  I know we are annoying with our sneezing and coffee and UUGGGHHH’S that come from our cubicles but if you don’t have allergies you just don’t understand!
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  1. Hope you had a nice time in Boston! I don't know what it is about allergy season this year, but I normally am NOT affected, but this year – sniffling, coughing, sneezing.. the works! And what a great idea for a blogger meet up. I'm sure that will be such fun!

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