Destination Wedding Style

Destination Wedding

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Ok, so it’s that time of year.  The time where all you hear about and see
flooding your news feed are weddings. 
This is an exciting time for most (unless weddings aren’t your thing, or
unless you’re dealing with bridezilla). 
Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of destination weddings.  This would not be something I would be
interested in because I am (no ifs, ands, or buts) getting married in a church,
BUT I do love a good destination wedding. 
I decided that for today’s post I would step out of the box and come up
with three different looks for a destination wedding if I was to ever plan
one.  Even though all three looks are
very “beachy” they each have their own personality.  If I were a bride planning a destination
wedding and I didn’t want to do the typical white dress I’d choose one of the
longer gowns and pick the shorter cocktail dress for a bridesmaid dress but let’s
just imagine that these three are bridesmaid dresses.  I’m the type of future bride (maybe one day)
who would like her bridesmaids to A. LOVE their dress and B. be able to use it
again for an event.
Look Number 1 (Halter Chiffon)
For this look I chose to go short and sexy.  We all know it gets HOT anywhere tropical or
anything outside this time of year.  I
wanted to keep it at a shorter length so the bridesmaids could breathe and they
could definitely wear a dress like this again, it’s casual and just the perfect
length.  I decided to go bold with the
accessories.  I mean, those shoes are
fabulous paired with the clutch and bracelets. 
They are all a perfect match!
Look Number 2 (Orange Sweetheart Chiffon)
I absolutely love the color of this dress.  I love the maxi length and I just love how
flowy and beachy it looks.  It can be
dressed up or down.  I chose to keep it
simple with this dress.  A gold sandal, a
color blocked clutch, and of course a pearl necklace.  I didn’t want to take away from this dress, I
mean that color is just beautiful in itself!
Look Number 3 (Pearl Pink Strapless Chiffon)
This is probably my favorite look of them all.  I love the dress and the color.  It can definitely be worn again even as a
guest to a wedding depending on the location and everything.  Since the dress is very girly and delicate
looking I decided to go with bold accessories to dress this look up even
more.  If you wanted to go for a more
girly look all you would have to do is just change your accessories to a nude
color and you are ready!
All of these dresses and many more can be found on the TopWedding Dresses site.

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