Gingham Maxi


Skirt:  Ralph Lauren // Hat:  Ralph Lauren (old) // Shoes:  Vince Camuto (old) // Sunnies:  Gucci // Top:  Lord & Taylor (old) // Bangles:  Lilly In Pink
Warmer weather is on the horizon folks!  I love love love this skirt and will most
likely be wearing it a lot this season. 
I love gingham print (I mean I’m obsessed with The Wizard of Oz so
gingham kind of goes with that!) especially when you start mixing different
colors with it.  This skirt is a maxi so
it fits right in with this trend of maxi EVERYTHING.  Since the warmer months are coming I paired
this with a fedora (the typical beach hat in my opinion) and one of my favorite
pairs of sandals.  This skirt is a great
transition piece from the different seasons if you look back on the two winter
looks here and here
This top was actually also worn on the blog previously a
lonnnnng time ago here.  Crazy how my
look has changed since then right? 
Sometimes I look back on old blog posts and either think what in the
world was I thinking with that outfit or it’s pretty similar to what I’m
wearing nowadays.  Also, the quality of
my pictures except a select few posts from back in the day were not the
greatest either.  You learn from your
mistakes though. 
Enjoy the warm weather and please keep your fingers crossed
that it won’t rain this weekend in Boston. 
Baby brother is graduating and I would really like for the family to
enjoy themselves and for me to be able to get some good pictures, especially of
Boston because for those of you who haven’t been it really is a beautiful
city.  It’s not somewhere I would want to
live (it’s just not my style) but it’s definitely a pleasant place to
visit.  Unfortunately I’m more of a
southern loving girl.  I love the south
and everything about it.  The lifestyle,
the weather, the fashion, I feel like I truly was born and grew up in the wrong
state sometimes, but I do have Jersey girl tendencies sometimes, I mean I’m confident and straight forward at times, I love going “down the shore” and I really love
animal prints.  I’ve never flipped a table though like Teresa from Jersey Housewives.  That was pretty intense!  Oh and since the area
that I live in is predominantly Italian I LOVVVVE Italian food, thankfully
boyfriend’s family is Italian hehe.  Although
it doesn’t help my diet having it once in a while is perfectly fine!

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