Marilyn Monroe and a Link Up!


Top:  Target (old) // Bangles:  Lilly in Pink // Pants:  Burberry // Sandals:  Vince Camuto (gifted)
Remember how about two weeks ago I talked about how I met up
with my blogger bestie (read here)? 
Well, this was the outfit I wore for our lovely lunch.  I decided to go for an edgy look.  I like to change up my styles all the time so
I don’t get bored wearing the same type of thing all the time.  I know some girls who have a style that is
pretty much the same, but they find ways to give it a twist, I however can’t do
that.  My style is constantly
changing.  If you have been following my
blog for a while I’ve gone from Equestrian, Country, to typical East Coast
fashion.  Now, I’m trying to add a little
bit of edge because it’s starting to get warmer out.
If you read yesterday’s post (here) you already know that I’m
a huge classics fan when it comes to old Hollywood.  Yesterday would have been Audrey Hepburn’s 86th
birthday.  So today I decided that I
would show my awesome modernized Marilyn Monroe top.  Believe it or not I got this top from Target
a few years back.  I’ve loved Marilyn
Monroe for quite some time now and whenever I see something with her face on
it, I HAVE to have it.  I paired these
pants that you saw debut here on the blog in this post.  I love them because they look like they are
leather but they really aren’t, and they’re Burberry so you can’t really go
I’m really big into accessorizing if you couldn’t tell so I
put on a bunch of necklaces that had spikes and chains to give it that bada$$
vibe.  Yes, I just put dollar signs
instead of s’s, it happened. 

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  1. I cannot believe such a cool tee is from Target. Marilyn is even wearing a leather jacket. Love all those edgy necklaces and how you layered them and such fierce shoes! So cool you met your blogging bestie, too.

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