Memorial Day Nails


Welcome to my Memorial Day week long special!  Now I know that for a lot of people this is
the kickoff to summer.  Here in Jersey it’s
the first weekend that EVERYONE packs their vacation gear and goes down the
shore for the first time of the season. 
It’s also when out of staters come too. 
I will say though, when you’re driving on the parkway if you are going
the speed limit (which I think is 65) please move over.  Otherwise you’re going to have lots of Jersey
and NY people who will be very aggressive. 
Let’s just put it this way, I usually keep to the right lanes because I
don’t want to deal with it, unless I want to pass you. 
Anyway, really off topic!
This is the first post of my Memorial Day special.  I wanted to start off with a Mani Monday that
shows the true meaning of Memorial Day. 
It’s not just about BBQ’s and the summer’s kickoff.  It’s about remembering those who have served
or are currently serving (and of course their families) in the United States
military.  They risk their lives
protecting the rest of us.  I know there’s
a lot of people out there that don’t believe this and I’m not angry at
you.  I know everyone is entitled to
their opinion but at least keep that one to yourself on the upcoming
holiday.  So, today is my Memorial Day
mani that shows both the yellow ribbon for my support to our troops and I decided
to add a shadow to the memorial of the Marine Corps War memorial that is
dedicated to the United States Marine Corp who have been killed since
1775.  This statue is actually modeled
after a photograph that was taken during the Battle of Iwo Jima during World
War 2.  Below is the tutorial for this
but it’s pretty straight forward.  You’ll
need a nail art pen, some star gems and a steady hand!


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