Memorial Day OOTD 1


Crop Top:  Denim and Supply (Macy’s old) // Pants:  Ralph Lauren (gifted, thanks mom!) // Boots:  Cavenders Corral // Sunnies:  Prada (Nordstrom)
If you follow my Facebook Fan Page (here) you already saw
this outfit the other week.  I wrote a
post a few weeks ago (here) talking about body image and insecurities that I
know most of us suffer from.  One of my
blogger friends Simone from Fashion Runs the World sent me a text after she
read the post.  It was the nicest text I’ve
ever received from a follower/reader of my blog.  Even though I consider her more of a friend
but you get the point.  I won’t say
exactly what she said but it was in response to that blog post about body
insecurities.  We had a conversation
about that post afterwards and we shared our very similar opinions about body
image and society in today’s world.  The
post wasn’t just written to lift up spirits of women my size or bigger but
women smaller than me as well.  I feel as
though even the skinniest of girls have insecurities or flaws that only they
see.  After having this conversation with
Simone I decided that for one of my Memorial Day special photos I would rock a
crop top.  If it wasn’t for that text I
probably wouldn’t have been ok with taking these outfit photos. 
I figured this would be the perfect outfit if you’re going
out to the country side (like me) for the weekend.  I’ll be in upstate NY riding quads, going to
the lake, you know causing a ruckus and stuff. 
This would be perfect to get an ice cream at the end of the day.  Cowgirl boots are definitely one of my
favorites as most of you know.  These are
perfect for where I’ll be plus boyfriend’s sister is a cowgirl boot wearing
girl too so at least someone else will understand our obsession.  Yes, Jersey girls wear cowgirl boots!  We aren’t always all about animal print,
glitz and glamor!  Although, I do love
anything animal print and I definitely love anything bedazzled. 
Countdown to Memorial Day Weekend:  3 days

5 thoughts on “Memorial Day OOTD 1”

  1. What an awesome post to combat body insecurities to show a lovely you and out of the box outfit as most bloggers hide a crop top over a dress or wear high waisted pants but you are looking lovely. I am glad you and Simone had the conversation you did. Looking forward to your next ootd memorial look and thanks for linking up to Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me today.

    Garay Treasures

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