Memorial Day


Pants:  Ralph Lauren (gifted) // Shoes:  Betsey Johnson (Marshalls old) // Top:  Ralph Lauren (old Ewa Bazaar)  // Flag:  Target // Sunnies:  Prada (Nordstrom)

I just wanted to start the outfit off with a little
disclaimer.  The “American Flag” scarf
that I have is not an actual American Flag. 
It has well over 14 stripes and well over 50 stars.  I actually looked up the flag code before
even posting this picture.  I love the
scarf and wanted to show my patriotism for Memorial Day so I MADE SURE it was
abiding by all flag codes. 
Moving on. 
Today is Memorial Day. 
I wanted to take the time and say Thank you.  Thank you to those who served and Thank you
to those who continue to serve and make this country a safer place.  Without you we wouldn’t be able to live the
way we do.  I’m proud to be an
American.  For me, I get the best of both
worlds, I’m a Polish American.  My
parents are immigrants from Poland and they came here with nothing and made
something of themselves.  This country
truly has so much to offer.  We may be in
a little bit of a situation with the economy but this country is not a 3rd
world country so please remember that!
Thank you to the families of military members both active
and retired.  If it wasn’t for your
support our men and women in uniform would have one less person cheering them
on to come home!  If you’re reading this
please take a moment of silence at some point today to remember those fallen
soldiers who never made it home to be able to hug their wife/husband and kids
one last time.  Those soldiers who couldn’t
feel the embrace of their mother and father one last time.  Those soldiers who were not able to say
goodbye.  Thank you for your
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