Pack a Hat and a Link Up!


Hat/Clutch:  Pack a Hat // Kimono:  TK Maxx (Poland) // Shorts:  Marshalls // Wedges:  Marshalls // Bangles:  Lilly In Pink

About the same time last year I did a review (here) for Cappelli Straworld’s
Pack a Hat.  The only difference is that
last year’s was a navy blue and this year they wanted to keep up with current
trends so they came out with this awesome beige sparkly one!  It comes with a matching clutch so that you
can fold up the hat and put it away when needed, hence why it’s called pack a
hat.  I love this one better than last
year’s because of the color and I mean I love anything sparkly!  This color goes with everything and since it’s
light it won’t attract sunlight as much as a darker hat.  This would be my typical day at the beach or
day at the lake outfit.  It’s a perfect
summer outfit, with the hat, the lightweight and airy kimono, and wedge
sandals.  This kimono has made quite the
appearance on the blog lately because it’s perfect for the warmer weather.  Anyway, let’s get into a little more about
the details of Capelli Straworld’s Pack a Hat.  Oh
and also, don’t forget to link up at the bottom of this post!
 The new Cappelli Straworld, Inc. Pack A Hat expresses in ease so many of the things that have kept Cappelli Straworld a leader in its market since we opened for business over 70 years ago,” said Bonnie Rubel, the Dorfman Pacific division’s Vice President, as she introduced the second season for Pack A Hat , which will ship this Spring/Summer 2015. “An charming tote-style miniature wristlet bag in summery stripes contains within it a stylish and matching packable sun hat with a 4 ½ inch brim. The added benefit of its UPF 50+ rating is a huge health and anti-aging beauty bonus and with May as melanoma awareness month, we are all reminded of sun protection importance. . Like every Cappelli Straworld product, it’s fun, it’s practical, it features superb craftsmanship and the best materials, it comes in beautiful colors, and it looks fabulous.”

In fact, with an affordable retail price of $25, the Pack A Hat is just perfect for vacation and for everyday use, and it’s ideally positioned to appeal both to shoppers buying for themselves and to those looking for the perfect gift, appealing to all demographics. The UPF 50+ rating is a result of the specially selected material and construction used for the hat—there is no infusion or add-on finish.

“ The Pack A Hat is ideal for resort, beach or everyday, and easily slips into a beach bag or everyday handbag or tote,” Rubel observes. “Women can take it everywhere, and it’s always ready for whenever the sun comes out!”
The link to the pack a hat is under my above pictures, so if you’re interested click away!  Now, time to link up!  Don’t forget to read the rules prior to linking up!



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  1. Even though I love hats, I rarely buy them b/c I can't pull off most hats but I did buy one similar to this one this year, I just haven't worn it yet. I'm definitely going to check Pack a Hat out b/c the one you're wearing is really cute and affordable, plus I love the whole concept.

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