Pink, Stripes


Top:  Ralph Lauren // Pants:  Ralph Lauren // Shoes:  Gucci (gifted) // Bangles:  Lilly In Pink // Sunglasses:  Gucci
It’s that time of year again, time to whip out the hot pink
pants!  I tried to wear them a few times
over the winter to cheer myself up and remind me of warmer days but I kind of had
some weird looks come my way.  So I had
to hold off on wearing these pants until it got a little warmer.  I decided to pair them with this top because
I love how it’s kind of an off the shoulder top, but not really.  It shows just enough of the shoulder that I
think I could get away with wearing this at work, but who knows.  I’m not sure if I’m willing to try haha!  I love the nautical feel with the
stripes.  Yes, I’m one of those girls who
loves anything nautical.  I’m not sure
why but I think it has to do with the fact that my family in Poland are beach
people.  They live right on the Baltic
Sea and part of my family used to be ship builders way back in the day.  I guess loving water, the beach, and anything
nautical runs in my genes.
I wanted to stay slightly simple with this outfit because I
feel like the top is a statement in itself. 
I paired it with my black Gucci pumps and some bangles from my Etsy
shop.  I love this whole bracelet
stacking trend.  Not only does it look
cute, but I have tattoos on both wrists to cover up at work, so it doesn’t look
weird when I’m wearing a few bracelets on one hand.  As I look at this picture and compare it to a
few recent ones with my extensions, can I please say that even though it’s fun
rockin’ a different hairstyle, I really can’t wait for it to grow out.  At least long enough to put in a pony
tail.  The one thing that gets annoying
with this haircut is the fact that it grows out weird and when you go to put
your hair up in a pony tail you have a bunch of hair on the bottom that you can’t
even really pin up.  However, before I
grow it out I’m going to make the best of it. 
I will most likely end up trimming or cutting it eventually so let the
growing process begin for now until I change my mind AGAIN and decide to chop
it all off haha.  This is what happens
when I get bored.  I tend to change my
look.  Most of the time I try and change
my style a little bit before I touch my hair, but sometimes it’s inevitable and
happens anyway.  I’ll never be able to
have long hair without extensions though. 
My hair is very thin and it’s very hard to grow it out and very hard to
keep healthy without having to trim it all the time.  Plus, extensions add a lot of volume which I am
definitely in need of!   

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