Tassel Accessories Are all the Rage!


Top:  Ralph Lauren (old, Ewa Bazaar) // Skirt:  INC (old) // Sandals:  Sam Edelman (Marshalls, old) // Sunglasses:  Unknown brand (from Poland) // Bracelets:  Walmart (believe it or not they are from Walmart and I added the tassles myself) // Necklace:  Michael’s (I added the tassles myself)

Tassle and pom pom accessories have been EVERYWHERE.  I see them everywhere whether it be tassle
jewelry or tassle key chains or even tassles/pom poms as part of a purse.  I personally love this trend and I hope it’s
here to stay, at least for a little while. 
I started seeing this trend with a lot of my favorite southern
bloggers.  Especially all of the neon
colored tassles, I really truly love them. 
Sometimes I feel like I really do belong in the south because I love
their style.  Don’t get me wrong I love
looking at NYC fashion but I feel like I could never pull it off (at least the
most intense fashion statements).  I
noticed a lot of southern fashion caters more towards my own personal
style.  I love girly, frilly, ruffly, the
whole nine yards.  Don’t get me wrong I
also love an outfit with a good pair of cowgirl boots and a very country look
but that’s not on a daily basis because I do love dressing up. 
I always tend to get off track when I’m typing up my blog
posts geez haha.  Anyway, these
particular tassles I made myself and put them on an already made pearl bracelet
and chain necklace.  I would upload a DIY
but I couldn’t get good pictures and to make matters worse it took me a few
tries.  I will eventually upload a
tutorial once I find a method that works well for me but in the meantime I
listed a few tutorials that you might find useful if you don’t want to spend
money and instead make it yourself.  I
also want to try a few of these DIY’s especially the one with the leather
tassles because I feel like those would be super easy to make and I just really
love anything leather lately.  So, below
are a few DIY’s for Tassle Jewelry and I figure if you don’t want jewelry you
can always get a key ring and attach it to your keys or find a way to attach it
to your purse. 
I always click on the links to items that bloggers post and
like I said earlier I follow a lot of southern bloggers.  Their accessories are from stores or sites
that are just a little out of my price range. 
I unfortunately can’t bring myself to purchase one single bracelet for
$30+ dollars when I can make it myself. 
I have this problem where I really love a great bargain.  The two investments that I will make though
are a good pair of shoes and a nice bag. 
Those are the two things I am willing to pay full price for.  I still have bags from many years ago, my mom
has her original Dooney & Bourke bags that are trending right now, so she’s
the perfect example.  Shoes I feel like
need to be quality (unless you’re only looking to wear them a few times)
because if they are good quality they last longer.  I’m also a believer in leather shoes.  If you look in my closet I think all but 3
pairs of shoes are leather.  Two of those
three are flip flops.  People always ask
me how I have a different outfit almost every day and well, this is my
secret.  I’m willing to pay full price
for shoes and bags, but not for everything else.  I like to make a lot of accessories like
jewelry because I find it fun, relaxing, and like I made a mini accomplishment.

Oh, and I don’t really know how I look this tan, I think it’s
because I’ve been using Jergen’s Natural Glow but I definitely wasn’t THAT
dark.  I decided this year that I’m going
to try and minimize my time in the sun. 
I keep reading of all of these people who are being diagnosed with skin
cancer and I don’t want to join them. 
After many years of laying out in the sun and also tanning at a salon I
decided that self tanners/spray tans are good enough for me.  I’ll stay outside for the minimum amount of
time that you should get every day for Vitamin D or going to the beach because
that you can’t really help but I won’t make it a point to get a nice tan. 

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  1. I LOVE the DIY tassels! They look so cool. The nice thing about doing the tassels yourself is you can pick the exact color you want. And not pay an arm and a leg for them! I need to try this.

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

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