VIIcode Eye Mask Review


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Before I start to talk about the product pictured above I
just wanted to go over a few things. 
First things first, I have very dark puffy circles under my eyes and no
it’s not because I’m tired, I just naturally have this and have had it ever
since I was young.  I also have sensitive
skin and have to watch what products I use. 
When VII approached me to test out their product called VII O2M Oxygen Eye Mask I thought I would be
the perfect person because of the issues I have.  Is this really going to work for me since I
have two issues, dark puffy circles and sensitive skin.  Needless to say it actually does help. 
First of all I love that when you apply it, it has a very
soothing sensation and it’s easy to apply. 
You have to make sure all of your makeup from the day is gone then you
take the masks and put them under your eyes. 
Press very lightly in order to make sure the mask is securely on your
skin.  Then you leave it in for no longer
than 8 hours and then you just take them off.
It is extremely important that we take care of our skin
while we are younger.  Especially with
how much makeup a lot of us use.  Just
look up Makeup Tutorials on YouTube, there’s THOUSANDS of girls on there.  Just because you wash your makeup off doesn’t
mean you are finished taking care of your skin. 
Moisturize and even though I’m not even 30 yet make sure your under eyes
are well taken care of as well.  You don’t
want to be 50 and thanks to not caring for your skin looking like you’re
older.  I always look at my mom as an
example.  I won’t say how old she is but
she’s been taking care of her skin for as long as I can remember, there was
always some type of moisturizer around and everyone actually thinks she’s a lot
younger or my sister.  That’s proof that
it’s extremely important to take care of your skin.
With all of that being said I recommend using VII.  At least test it out, you won’t be

**Please note I was given this product to review, however
all opinions are my own.  

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