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Starting a Braid Obsession

Ok, so this past weekend I found Barefoot Blonde’s blog and
her YouTube channel along with her instagram. 
Well I started looking through all of her braids and tutorials and
thought ok first of all I have short hair so not ALL of these looks will work
unless I use my extensions.  Since I don’t
wear my extensions often I decided to give it a try anyway.  Over the weekend I tried two different styles
of braids and let me tell you if it wasn’t so humid out it would have been a
lot easier but I feel for the girls with long hair in the summer, how do you
not sweat up a storm?!  Then I tried a
few styles on my short hair.  I wish my
hair was longer so that I could do these hairstyles without extensions.  Thanks to this I haven’t been using my flat
iron which I think is amazing.  For any
girls out there looking for new hairstyles to try just check out her blog or Amberfillerup on Instagram.  Her
tutorials are really easy!
So You’ve Graduated Series
We all know that I love to create themes for my blog
sometimes they are only a post or two others are a week long theme.  Well, next week I’m starting a So You’ve
Graduated theme.  I figure now is an ok
time because most college grads are done with the whole living it up as an “official”
adult and for those of you who didn’t have a job set up straight out of college
or just simply can’t find a job I have a few tips next week from your
appearance to some guidelines to follow when interviewing.  This can also be beneficial to my younger
readers who are already thinking about what they want to be when they grow up
(I’m almost 30 and I still don’t know haha) and for my older readers because it’ll
remind you of why you started and how much you should appreciate the job you

Attempting another recipe
Ok, so I’m trying to broaden my horizons and try other
things besides cupcakes even though I love cupcakes and I love making
them.  At the same time I want to know
how to make many baked goods.  I’m
thinking of attempting some cake pops so hopefully they come out right and I
don’t fail miserably!
Meetup is almost set up
My blogger meetup is almost finalized and I’m so excited
because these ladies have become my friends. 
I’ve known some of these blogger ladies for almost two years and others
are new friends.  One of the bloggers
from our group is currently pregnant and I’m so excited to see her bump!
My thoughts on #callmecaitlyn
Vanity Fair’s cover has been trending over all of my social
media platforms.  I’ve seen both positive
and negative comments which is to be expected with any gender change.  I usually don’t like to discuss controversial
topics here on the blog because I don’t want to have heated discussions or
comments from other people.  However in
this case, I’m kind of leaning towards a neutral opinion.  I’m a libra so by nature I see both sides of
the argument.  First I’d like to say that Caitlyn looks
great even if it is plastic surgery.  Secondly
I want to discuss two different sides of this controversy. I’m not going to
turn this into a religious rant because even though I did grow up as a catholic (which I’m sure is obvious judging by my Christmas posts) I
don’t like to talk about it or politics for that matter but I’ve seen some very
hurtful things be said on the internet.  I
personally would never change my gender because I like being a female, even
with aunt flow and the cramps. Even though I’m a tomboy at times I like my feminine
features and body parts and I like the feeling of being a female. However I
feel as though it is not my place to say that Caitlyn is sinning or anything
like that. As long as no one tries to make me change who I am I couldn’t really
care less what decisions are made by other individuals. I’ve seen a lot of
negative comments come from people who are extremely religious and yes they do
have points but at the same time, why are you going out of your way to say
hurtful things to another human being that isn’t bothering you WHATSOEVER?  This brings me to the other side of the
argument the side where people are using words such as hero or anything of the
nature. Yes it takes courage to do something like this whether you are doing it
because you want to and you really feel as though you were born in the wrong
body or if you’re doing it as a trend which again I couldn’t care less what your
reasons are but is Caitlyn really a hero? Of course it’s amazing because people who are in the same boat as Caitlyn can look up to her as a role model that she was able to change herself from a man to a woman knowing what kind of uproar it would create.  When I think of a hero I think of
people who risk their lives to keep the rest of us safe. I think of people who
would take a bullet for me; people who would die protecting me.  I wouldn’t necessarily call Caitlyn a hero but
moreso courageous and I think this is because the word hero to me means much
more. In my dictionary being called a hero is on the same level of me saying I
love you. I only say it when I truly mean it. Do I think Caitlyn looks great, I
mean duh have you seen the Vanity Fair cover she is fierce and rockin that new
body.   Am I going to judge just because
of my religious beliefs? Absolutely not because honestly what other people do
with their lives or their bodies is none of my business.  Like I said before as long as no one is
forcing their views and opinions on me I don’t care what you do or say. All I will say is I would never do it because I personally like my gender and I know that I was definitely born into the correct body.  This is
actually the first time I’ve said anything about the #callmecaitlyn topic that
has been trending but I felt like I needed this space to speak my mind. I’m not
sure if I will lose readers because of my opinion but I’m really only trying to
point out both sides of the argument. 
I would never get a gender change but I also will not be judging or
saying negative things.  I mean, didn’t
your mother (and if not your mother then Thumper from Bambi) teach you anything?  If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t
say anything at all.  I’m really sorry if I offended anyone by speaking my mind, but I felt as though if there’s any place I can speak it’s here on my blog.

Also, to be honest, there are other topics in the news that are more important than this to be discussing, why do we have to have arguments over a person who chose to change their lifestyle and body if they aren’t harming anyone? 

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  1. I love braids. I have been incorporating braids into my hairstyles ever since 2009. I love that you have a neutral stance on the Caitlyn Jenner controversy. A lot of guys in my office are completely against it and think the only reason she changed was for sexual pleasure and dating. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I definitely said something to them regarding that. It is about her being happy with who she is and her identity, etc. I can see both sides to this topic but as long as she's happy, that's all that really matters.


  2. Loving all of your braids, Monica!! So pretty! I love fancy, fun braid looks. Regarding Caitlyn, I can't imagine what that must feel like so I'm thankful I don't have that problem. I can't imagine anyone wanting to choose that life, so it's obviously something that can't be controlled by the person. I say live and let live!

    Thanks for linking-up with Friday Favorites! Have an awesome weekend!

    The Closet by Christie


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