5 for Friday


Swoozies Lunch Box

I know it’s weird to be excited for a lunch box, but I was
so excited when I got the notification that my package from swoozies had been
delivered.  It was my monogrammed lunch
box.  Is it sad that it was kind of the
highlight of my week?  I was THAT excited
for it.  The UPS/FedEx truck are like ice
cream trucks but for adults!

Monogram Necklace

Not only did I get my awesome lunch box this week but I got
my necklace this week too!  I love
it.  I actually got a groupon for this
and figured it was worth a shot.  I’ve
only had one bad experience with a Groupon that wasn’t even their fault (the
site wasn’t working but Groupon actually extended the expiration date so they
worked with me) so I decided I might as well test it out.  I must say I’m extremely happy with my
purchase.  The monogram is a decent side
and the wood makes it lightweight so it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a hefty
Blogger Meetup
My blogger meetup is tomorrow!  I get to see all my lovely friends
tomorrow.  Some of which I’ve known
through blogging for 1+ year and some who I just met cyberly through email
exchange.  I love meeting up with these
ladies because it’s great to network but also talk about things that only
bloggers can understand.  We are meeting
at a location that we’ve met at before (keeping it a secret until my Instagram
tomorrow hehe) and I’m excited because at least I have an idea of what to
expect this time, and one of my blogger friends has a bun in the oven and
apparently she’s got an adorable baby bump goin’ on so I NEED to see it haha.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is on Sunday and I have the absolutely hands
down most EPIC gift ever.  My dad doesn’t
read my blog as much as my mom does but let’s just say I got him a few little
things and one big thing that happens to compliment his new bike that he got
for the triathlon he’s doing in a few months. 
Yup, my dad’s in better shape than me, go figure.


This week was the attack of the minions at my cubicle.  So first my boyfriend’s mom got me a bunch of
minion figurines that were dressed up in different clothes and she told me they
change outfits like me because they’re little minion fashion bloggers.  How cute is that?  Then, since work has been extremely hectic
lately one of my coworkers got me a minion pop movie toy for my cubicle as a
thank you.  It’s definitely nice to be
appreciated.  I would’ve been happy with
a simple thank you but he went out and got me a minion, along with getting my
cubicle neighbor something too.  It was
really nice and it made my day!

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