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Photo courtesy of my Instagram.  Check out @JerseyGirlTexanHeart to see who the ladies in this picture are.  They are tagged so you can go check out their awesome instagram’s too!
Blogger Meetup Recap
On Wednesday I talked about my blogger meetup that I hosted
on Saturday.  It was a blast!  I got to see some familiar faces, and met
some new ones as well.  It was such a
great time and I can’t wait until I get to see these ladies again!  Thank you all for coming out even in the
gross weather, thankfully it didn’t rain when we were taking pictures after
4th of July special starting Sunday
Next weekend is 4th of July so of course I have a
theme goin’ on the blog.  It’s going to
be all about patriotic things and stars and stripes!  I’m extremely excited because it’s going to
be jam packed.  I actually had to cut
some posts out because there were too many!
Baby Shower
Tomorrow I am going to a baby shower of a very dear friend
and blogger friend of mine.  We met
through the cyber world then physically met at Lucky FABB 2013.  We’ve kept in contact ever since.  We’ve even had a slumber party!  We were the obnoxious girls who stayed up all
night laughing for no reason.  I’m so
excited for her and this new journey that she will be going on in about two
months.  She is going to make a great
Countdown to Poland
My countdown is now at 36 more days!  You guys it’s sooooo close!  I can’t wait to go and visit my family.  I also, will not be active on social media
for two weeks which will definitely be worth it.  Sometimes you need to just relax.  I’m going to have some fun things scheduled
for all of you to see and a few of my blogger friends will be taking over my
blog so make sure to check back regardless of if I’m on vacation because I
still have some fun posts for y’all!
Another theme in the works

Ok, so everyone knows I’m all about themes here on the
blog.  I love it because it gets my
creativity going.  I can’t tell you what
this next theme will be because I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I want
to tell all of you so bad!  I’m really
bad with surprises especially when I’m super excited about one.  Let’s just say it’s really putting my
creativity to a test.  That will be
finished by the 4th week of June, so I really have a lot of work to
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  1. How exciting that your trip is SO CLOSE!!! It'll be here before you know it, especially since, somehow, it's already the end of June.
    Love a blogger meet up–looks like yours was great! Have a great weekend!!

  2. I love 4th of July. That's so exciting that you're going to Poland! Have a great time at the baby shower & an excellent weekend!

  3. That photo is super cute! I really hope there are more bloggers in Michigan too so we can have some meet up as well! I am excited for your trip to Poland too! 🙂 Have a great weekend!
    By the way, I started my own link up and it will be every Wednesday. Don't forget to stop by! 🙂


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