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I know today is usually Mani Monday, but since I’m giving my
nails a little break I wanted to show you how you can give yourself an at home
pedicure. Mani, pedi, they’re somewhat similar haha.  I personally hate feet, even my own.  So no worries, there will be no feet shown in
pictures for at least my sake.  A few
weeks ago I did a review for this pedicure tool (, it makes your feet feel like a
baby’s bottom!  I’ve been using it ever
since (my feet unfortunately are not the prettiest no matter how hard I try) so
today I want to tell all of you how I give myself at home pedicures and how
easy it is yourself.

Cut and Shape
Use nail clippers (unlike the nail care from last week,
toenail clippers are ok for your toes!) and clean up the areas of your toe
nails and toes in general.  I usually cut
my toe nails at a rounded shape because I have issues with my nails growing as
an ingrown nail, but I cut it before it actually becomes an ingrown.  From what I hear those are PAINFUL, so no
thanks!  Afterwards to make sure there
aren’t any jagged edges I take a nail file (I have one specifically for my toes
because I don’t use the same ones for my manicures) and even everything out.
Emjoi Micro Pedi
You guys, this thing is legitimately a miracle for anyone
with bad feet.  The skin on my feet is callused
and extremely dry.  No matter how many
times in the past I used a pumice stone or no matter how much I moisturized and
spent money on pedicures it was never enough. 
Then I got to review this gadget and let me tell you it’s the first
thing that has worked wonders.  I have
the ped egg which was ok when it first came out but nothing smoothes out my
feet like this.  I even bought one for my
mom for mother’s day.  I actually bought
her a different brand because I couldn’t find the one I had in stores so after
testing out both my mom said this particular one (Emjoi) is the best one.  Also, just as an fyi she has the Ped Egg
version of it.  Another positive is this
doesn’t hurt your feet like a pumice stone can at times.
*In between uses of the micro pedi I also use a pumice
Soak your feet
I know you should do this first but I like to shape my toe nails
before they are too soft for a filer.  I
also like to take as much dead skin off my feet with my Emjoi Micro Pedi because
it doesn’t work as well when your feet are wet.
Once I’m done soaking my feet I dry them off and
moisturize.  I usually use any type of
moisturizer and put socks on for about 10 minutes.  This is when you can take a break from your
pedi and either eat something or take care of a few things around the house.  Then after about ten minutes take off your
socks and remove any excess moisturizer.
Toe Separators (not pictured above)
I’m not sure if this is the actual word for the things that
go in between your toes during a pedicure to avoid getting polish on your
toes.  I’m just going to work with this
for now though.  They will be called toe separators
for the sake of today’s post haha.
Polish Toes
This is the part where you get to paint your toes.  Use your base coat, polish color, and top
coat.  It’s a lot easier to paint toes
because if you mess up it’s not as big of a deal as your hands.  I personally think the whole process of
manicures is easier because I’ve gotten really quick with it, but if you mess
up your hands you have to redo it depending on how bad and that’s just a
*Also, a side note, I usually moisturize a second time before
I go to sleep because whenever I work on my skin like soaking and what not it
usually gets really dry and I didn’t spend all of that time on a pedi for it to
look terrible the same day!
**Please note I am not a licensed nail technician.  These are not recommended by any licensed individual these are just things that work for me.

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