Barnyard Wedding

Barnyard Wedding

During Memorial Day weekend there was a running joke about
how there was going to be a barn built on the property and weddings would be
held there for both family and random people who want a barn yard wedding.  Well, when I was contacted by Wedding Basa to
introduce their dresses I couldn’t help but think, why don’t I do a rustic
barnyard wedding theme?  I envision flowy
dresses that are definitely not poofy like Cinderella and cowgirl boots along
with wild flowers and such. 
In this lovely collage, the white dresses are of course the
bridal gowns and the pink ones are the bridesmaids dresses.  I wanted to add two different options for
your viewing pleasure.  Wedding Basa
offers cheap wedding dresses and cheap bridesmaid dresses.  Some of the prices on these are pretty
spectacular if you aren’t looking to pay top dollar which I know whenever the
day comes for me to get married I won’t. 
I already told everyone that my cowgirl boots (custom Luchesse’s) will
be more than my dress. 
I would wear all of these dresses just because they are so
flowy and whenever my wedding day arrives I want to be comfortable.  Sure corset type bodices are beautiful and
they really make everything look nice but I want to be comfortable.  Especially for the celebration