Beach Day

Beach Day
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It’s that time of year, the time of year where you get to
let your feet hit the sand!  It’s time to
go to the beach!  Living in Jersey, one
of the main things to do in the summer is go “down the shore.”  Why do I put this in quotes?  Well, here in Jersey we don’t say down to the
shore, that extra two letter word just doesn’t cut it in that sentence.  It’s a Jersey thing.  Going down the shore means so many awesome
things, great pizza on the boardwalk, flip flops on my feet and cute bathing
suits.  Now, I’m not feeling all that
great about sportin’ a bathing suit but you better believe that I will wear one
anyway.  I decided to pick out some of my
favorite trending pieces for the beach. 
Just because you are going to the beach doesn’t mean you have to stick
with a regular bathing suit and flip flops. 
Don’t get me wrong, that’s the comfortable way to go but some of us just
love having a little extra fashion to our step.
In the first look I love love love those bathing suits.  They are so awesome.  I remember the first time I saw them I knew
they were going to be a huge hit. 
Fedoras I feel like are also always cute, they’ve been around forever,
just like the big floppy hat.  I was looking through the Rosegal website and I stumbled upon this adorable collection of sandals here! The
sandals are my favorite and can be found here.  I feel like they would tie this whole look
together.  They are sporty because of the
laces and they are hot pink to go along with the rest of the look. 
For the second look I decided to base it around the sandals
found here.  I loved that they had this
classy feel to them so I went for a classic pin up look for the bathing
suit.  Of course I had to add the big
floppy hat, I mean that’s a given.  There’s
such a lovely nautical feel about this but since it’s high waisted it gives it
that 50’s pin up feel.
The third look is also adorable.  The fringe detail on the bathing suit is just
stunning and I had to pair it with these sandals here.  Since anything with a fringe reminds me of
anything from the hippie era the suit had to be paired with your typical
bohemian style sandals.

I also added a few more beach necessities like sunscreen, a
sunscreen to protect your lips, and of course sunglasses and a towel.  Those are definitely your essentials on top
of carrying a bottle of water with you at all times.  Don’t forget that you need to stay hydrated
this time of year!

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  1. Cute post, and I love these combinations. 🙂 Each look is so different. Makes me want to go lay out my bathing suits and accessories and create the perfect beach outfit!

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