Boiling Springs Gift for Garden State Grads


I don’t want to sound like
anyone’s parent, BUT (there’s always a but) I do want to discuss one more thing
for this “So You’ve Graduated!” series here on the blog.  Now
since you graduated you need to start thinking about your future and your
career.  Of course when you start a job they go over options (depending on
your job, not all jobs are like this) like stocks and 401K’s but you need to
invest/save money elsewhere too.  There are different options but after
working with Boiling Springs Bank I have some news for you.  This doesn’t
pertain for just college graduates but for any student from the age of 14-23 in
the Northern NJ area. 

Let me introduce Boiling Springs
Savings Bank.  First of all
there is a little campaign that is going on from now until June 30th
of 2015.  The campaign is called Gift forGarden State Grads.  Pretty much what is
going to happen is any student within the ages of 14-23 who visits Boiling
Springs Savings Bank and opens a Student Checking Account with $20.15 or more,
he/she will receive a $20.15 interest bonus deposit from the bank itself in
addition to the initial deposit.  How
awesome is that?  So now you are
wondering what do I have to do in order to set up this account?  I’ll go into detail with that below.
  • No monthly fees
  • Interest earned on all balances
  • Free specialty checks or a
    discount on custom checks
  • Free online banking
  • Free online bill payment
  • Free 24 hour telephone banking
  • Minimum deposit to open account is
  • Free transactions at Boiling
    Springs ATMs with Boiling Springs ATM card or Debit MasterCard
  • Direct deposit
  • Overdraft protection transfer
    service available
  • At age 23, account will convert to
    a regular NOW account
  • Boiling Springs Savings Bank will
    make an interest bonus deposit of $20.15 into all Student Checking Accounts
    opened with $20.15 or more during the promotion period.

So, in other words you’re getting
a really good deal here and if you are a high school student this will be great
for saving up for a car or saving up for that cute pair of shoes you want so
bad but can’t have at the moment.  It’s
so fulfilling to be able to purchase things on your own.  At the same time I feel like it’s very
valuable to younger generations to start saving at a young age.  This teaches you the value of the dollar and
you’re getting money for free if you sign up with Boiling Springs Savings
Bank.  Below is a list of branch
locations and social media info.

**Please note I was compensated for providing this introductory post for Boiling Springs Savings Bank.

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