DIY Patriotic Fringe Tank


Shirt:  DIY (but original shirt from Michael’s) // Shorts:  Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply (old) // Boots:   Cavenders Corral
Today there will be two Memorial Day posts.  One was the Patriotic nails from this morning and now not only do I have an outfit but I also have a DIY.  So this shirt was originally a huge short sleeve tshirt from Michael’s.  I was going to dye the shirt myself, however they had a huge sale and it was actually less expensive to purchase the shirt with the American flag print already on it.  So unfortunately I wasn’t too creative with this, but I did cut it up and make it a fringe tank top.  This will be my 4th of July attire this weekend.  I cannot wait to celebrate America’s birthday!  Not only because there’s a lot of festivities and fireworks involved but because it’s a reminder of the independence we were able to win back in 1776.  I feel like people need this reminder.  I don’t like to bring up controversial topics, but with everything going on in the news and all of the arguments/discussions on what is or isn’t offensive this will remind everyone why we are all here.  We are here for our freedom.  We are here because this isn’t a third world country, yes lately it has been a little tough and the economy did crash, but the opportunities that are here, I definitely wouldn’t have back in the motherland (aka Poland).  Don’t get me wrong there are things that I don’t agree with, but at the same time I am very lucky.
My parents came here with nothing and made something of themselves.  They built a life that they wouldn’t be able to have in Poland and for that I am thankful for this country too.  I’m the first one in my family to be born anywhere but Poland, and I couldn’t have picked a better country to be born in.  I’m proud to be American AND Polish.  So let’s  move on to the DIY shall we?
What you will need are a pair of scissors and some ribbon whether you want patriotic or just a regular ribbon.

cut the sleeves and also cut a little bit from the back too.  Make sure you try it on while you are cutting so that you don’t cut too much around the bust area.  It’s very easy to do that but if for some reason you do, just wear a cute bathing suit top and you’re safe.  After you cut that, cut a bunch of straight pieces for fringe.

I tried to get a good picture of this but all you do is take two pieces knot them.  Keep doing that all around the shirt.  Once you finish that part, you have to cross them and knot them like the above picture.

Once you finish the fringe and knots, take your ribbons and finish off the tshirt in the back so it looks like a halter and racerback.  Then you’re finished!

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