Edgy Vibes and a Link Up


Earrings:  Lord and Taylor // Pants:  Burberry // Top:  Old Navy // Scarf:  Born Pretty Store // Shoes:  UGG Australia (Marshalls, old) // Bangles:  Lilly In Pink

You’ve already seen these pants twice before on the blog
(here and here).  I love them because
they are so edgy and they look like leather pants in some lights.  I love wearing them because I feel really
edgy with them on, hence why I decided to test out yet another braided
hairstyle.  It’s harder for me to do all
of these hairstyles when I’m adding in my extensions because they have to be
strategically placed, especially if I am putting my hair up in a ponytail
because I don’t want my natural short hair showing.  Anyway, I was offered to review some things
from Born Pretty Store again, and I’ve already posted those reviews, but this
Marilyn Monroe scarf has been on repeat! 
I love love love it.  It may be
because I’m a huge Marilyn fan but it’s just the perfect accessory to spice up
an outfit a bit.  I chose to wear it with
this look because the outfit in itself was pretty basic until I added
accessories and my hair.

Even though this outfit is pretty basic and plain it’s still
edgey.  I feel like my style is
constantly changing.  I’m not quite sure
why, but I think it’s because I like dressing up.  Every day I like feeling like a new
person.  One day I’ll be rockin the
bohemian vibe, the next I’ll be dressed like an elegant woman from the 50’s.  Speaking of I actually haven’t done a 50’s
themed post in a while, that should probably happen soon.  Anyway, I love changing my style.  That’s the beauty of fashion, it’s almost
like you get to be a different person every day.  I mean, let’s be honest, the second you put
on your favorite pair of heels you walk with a little more confidence, am I
right?  The second you put on an edgier
outfit you feel like your inner badass is coming out, or if you wear something
boho you feel like a free spirit.  This
is one of the major reasons why I love expressing myself through fashion,
almost like an art.


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