Gave Proof through the Night


Top:  Ralph Lauren (Ewa Bazaar) // Shorts:  Thrifted (Boston) // Shoes:  UGG Australia (Marshalls old) // Sunnies:  Armani // Scarf:  Target // Bangles:  Lilly In Pink

It is the week of the 4th of July celebrations, I
can’t wait!  Back in May I did a bunch of
Memorial Day posts with patriotic themed outfits and this time around I decided
to go a little more casual with my outfits. 
Of course shorts and maxi dresses are a must during the summer
time.  Here in NJ it gets really humid in
the summer so if it’s 80 degrees it feels like 100.  Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating but that’s what it
feels like sometimes.  Thankfully I live
near a bunch of lakes and I’m only about 1.5 hours away from the shore so I can
always go jump in the water. 

Anyway, this outfit is perfect for any type of celebration
whether it be at the lake, or a party. 
It’s a very subtle patriotic outfit which is why I added the scarf.  I didn’t wrap it like a normal scarf because
well it’s hot outside and wearing a scarf any other way than a “necklace” like
this outfit would be torture.  Plus, I
completely forgot that I bought these shorts two summers ago when I visited my
brother in Boston for a weekend.  They
are super comfy which is saying a lot because I don’t like to wear shorts too often.  

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