Happy Father’s Day Daddy

“Daddy, I may find my prince one day, but you will always be
my king.”
That’s a quote I heard recently and it’s so true.  I thought it was fitting for Father’s
Day.  You know how they always say that
the daughter’s are always daddy’s little girl? 
Even though I’m a little bit of both, I’m definitely daddy’s little girl
and always will be.  I think in my dad’s
eyes no matter how tall or grown up I get, I’m still that little baby that he
held in the hospital.
My dad worked very hard his whole life.  If you haven’t followed my blog from the beginning
my parents came from Poland and were actually apart for the first almost 4
years of their marriage because it took my mom forever to finally get approved to
get her Visa!  My dad came first and
worked.  He worked his butt off until he
was able to go to college since an education from Poland doesn’t count for
anything here in America.  Then my dad
started to branch out into better paying jobs and my parents were able to buy
their first house and not too long after that, my lovely self came along.  I always remember my dad as very hard
working.  He knew that it was his job to
keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.  Once my brother was born we moved into an
even bigger house which is the one we live in now.
My mom sacrificed a lot to become a stay at home mom but
then my dad started working hours that made it hard for us to have the typical
family dinner and we mostly saw each other on the weekends.  Then there came all of our activities.  My dad tried to be there for everything even
if it meant having to change around his schedule.  I remember being in high school and playing
soccer and my dad would come to our games. 
He was yelling more than the coach was. 
I swear he was a better coach haha. 
I was the one that was proud that, that was my dad.  Of course there were a few times where the
opposing team said something and I actually said “hey!  That’s MY dad.”  I didn’t care if he was yelling like a
lunatic, he was doing it because he wanted to encourage us to keep going.

That’s what I remember about my dad.  He always taught us to NEVER give up.  Even though he was extremely tough, he taught
me to be that way too when it calls for being tough.  Also, I’m thankful for him because he has
been taking the bulk of my pictures for this blog and I would not still be
posting this post if it wasn’t for him.  

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