Mani Monday: Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe


Happy Birthday Norma Jean aka Marilyn Monroe!  Marilyn is by far my favorite actress of all time.  I love her acting, singing, and her look.  My favorite movie by her has to be Some Like It Hot.  For those of you who have never seen it, I really strongly believe that the directors got the idea for White Chicks from this movie.  If you’ve seen White Chicks you must watch Some Like It Hot.  Of course The Seven Year Itch is an all time classic because it’s the movie that has the infamous white dress blowing up because of the subway.  I have read  more articles and books about Marilyn, and seen every documentary and movie.  That’s why I was so excited when they had the two night series on Lifetime.  So, for today’s Mani Monday I decided to do a Marilyn Monroe theme.  Also, on top of that I decided to add some pictures of Marilyn Monroe outfits from the past.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post for another Marilyn Monroe outfit.  Enjoy everyone! 

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