Dress:  Von Vonni

I’ve worn this dress before on the blog, here.  It was so cold the first time I wore it that
I decided since it’s warming up I might as well wear it for its intended
climate.  Then I also tested out a new
way to wear it.  This dress is called the
transformer dress because you can wear it so many different ways.  If you click on the first blog post I ever
wrote about this dress it has a video from their website showing you many
different ways.  It’s kind of crazy how
many different ways you can wear this. 
This is perfect because even though you have one dress, you can switch
it up all the time.  

I also find these pictures extremely hilarious.  Do you see the cat that decided to photo bomb
me?  Well he was my little picture
partner for most of these pictures.  He’s
the neighborhood cat I guess you can say. 
The boyfriend’s neighbor from a few houses down is the owner of this
adorable little fur ball and the cat just roams around outside.  I thought it was adorable that he wanted his
picture taken too, especially since he was rolling around in the grass while
the pictures were being taken, and a few times he did pose.  Eventually he walked away and had enough of
his little mini paparazzi but I actually saw him again in the boyfriend’s
yard.  Just roaming around like he did in
these pictures.   I think he also kind of
matches my outfit.  We both have some
crazy patterns going on.  This was also
one of the attempts I had at braids, and I wore this exact dress to the Italian
festival that I went with a few weekends ago with boyfriend.  It was fun and I won my unicorn just like
Agnes from Despicable Me.  It was great!

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  1. WOW What an amazing video (from the last post), I can't believe how many different ways this lovely dress can be styled. What a lovely concept and dress. I love both of the ways you styled yours.
    Thanks for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me"
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

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