Minion Cupcakes


If you read last week’s Maple Walnut Cupcake post, that’s where I
got the recipe for these cupcakes above. 
You can use whatever recipe you’d like whether it be vanilla, any type
of fruit, this post is more about the decorating of the cupcakes.
For those of you who know me very well you know that saying
I’m obsessed with minions and Despicable Me is an understatement.  I have so many minions at my cubicle at work
and anytime I see ANYTHING that has to do with minions it must leave the store
with me.  I even have minion peeps from
Christmas that I haven’t eaten because I can’t bring myself to and I’m quite
obsessed with peeps too.  Ok, enough
about my obsession, let’s move on to the actual tutorial for this.

It’s pretty self explanatory.  Once you have the cupcakes done just add yellow frosting (I used my infamous cream cheese frosting from every other recipe and added yellow frosting coloring) spread them on top.  The recipe I found called for licorice but I couldn’t find any so I just used a decorating gel pen.  I also ran out of white candy melts (yea, I’m so well prepared for this) so I used another color which obviously shows.  The recipe also stated to get brown chocolate covered candies but I just used M&M’s (the brown ones of course) and then marshmallows.  The full recipe and where I got it from is below.

Recipe found HERE.

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