Norma Jean and Some Wind


The wind started blowing so hard that I was trying not to lose my scarf.  At one point I was holding on to it for dear life haha!  I thought it would make a fun little blooper.

Glasses:  Armani // Scarf:  Born Pretty Store // Pants:  Ralph Lauren // Sandals:  Sam Edelman (Marshalls, last summer) // Bag:  Burberry // Bangles:  Lilly In Pink
All of my close friends know that Marilyn Monroe is my favorite
actress and celebrity of all time.  Today
is Miss Monroe’s birthday.  She would have
been 89 today.  As most of you know there
was controversy over her death, and still is to this day.  Some think she commit suicide, other’s think
it was staged to look like a suicide. 
However, most leaned more toward suicide because she did have a history
of being unstable at times.  In my
opinion (and this may be a bias opinion because I love her as an actress) I don’t
believe she took her own life.  It is
very possible that she did though judging by all of the events leading up to
that night.  I’ve seen every movie and
documentary about Marilyn Monroe, and have read more books and articles about
her than most people.  I just find her
very fascinating.
Which brings me to the next part of my post for today.  I’ve worked with Born Pretty Store a few
times already and this is my SECOND Marilyn Monroe scarf from them.  The first one I received a few months ago
(here) and actually just wore it again on the blog last week (here).  I also received quite a few more things from
Born Pretty Store, so stay tuned for Wednesday’s post because there’s another
OOTD post with the rest of their items. 
If I had to rate Born Pretty Store on a scale from 1-10 it would be a
10.  Their service is great, the people I’ve
been working with are some of the nicest people and it really is a pleasure
working with them.  The only thing I will
say is it does take about 2-3 weeks to get something, but if you aren’t in a
hurry to find something I highly recommend Born Pretty Store.  I’ve ordered things separate from my items
for review and have loved every piece. 
Their prices are extremely inexpensive and they have a lot of cute
things.  I still have to post about the
makeup sponge that they sent me but I am going to try and do an updated YouTube
daily makeup tutorial soon.  Don’t
forget to check out my Marilyn Monroe Mani Monday from today!
Also, this was one of the outfits that I wore during
Memorial Day Weekend (that’s why I took a picture with the American Flag).  Just because you are vacationing in the
middle of nowhere doesn’t mean you can’t get a little “dressed up.”  I chose some casual looks while I was in
upstate because there really isn’t that much that goes on in the town, plus we
really didn’t leave the house because it was just so beautiful out and I love
sitting outside on the rocking chairs and being a lump.  Where I was staying it was your typical small
town with the cute stores and the awesome nature.  It definitely was a nice and relaxing
**Please note I was given this scarf to review however all opinions are my own.

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  1. I watched the first part of The Story of Marilyn Monroe when it aired Saturday night and since I have to go to bed early on nights that I have work the next morning, I was just going to wait until today to see if they put the 2nd part on demand but I couldn't risk it. So I stayed up and watched the 2nd part last night. It's hard to say if she committed suicide or not. She did have Schizophrenia and the "voices" could have told her to do so but who knows.

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