RBX and 11 Ways to Stay Active while on Vacation


Top:  Marshalls // Pants:  RBX // Sneakers:  Converse Chuck Taylors

Working out does not necessarily mean that you have to go to
the gym or run 10 miles a day.  Working
out can simply mean being active.  Ever
since starting my office job I’ve gained about 20 lbs (which I lost last year
and gained back this year, yea let’s not talk about it).  All I do the entire day is sit.  I sit at my cubicle working and answering
phone calls.  I purposely park all the
way at the end of the parking lot to get that extra distance into my daily
walking.  So naturally when I go on vacation
I want to be a bigger lump because I’m more relaxed and I really don’t want to do
much besides sit and eat.  So this past
Memorial Day when I went on my mini vacation I realized that there are so many
different ways of staying active just by being on vacation.  I also added a few things to the list that I
haven’t done but are ways to keep active if you’re under those circumstances.

  1. Walking
  2. Swimming
  3. Hiking
  4. Quading-trust me this can also be a work out depending on
    how rough you’re going and how much you’re holding your weight.
  5. Scuba Diving-I guess this kind of falls under the swimming
  6. Canoeing/Kayaking
  7. Rock Climbing/Bouldering
  8. Surfing/Snowboarding-depending on the weather
  9. Shopping.  Believe it
    or not depending on how crazy of a shopper you are this can be included in
    this.  Think about it, you’re standing
    for hours (if you’re that type of a shopper) and you’re constantly moving
  10. Playing with dogs/kids. 
    Both of those can tire you out just by following them around.
  11. Lugging Vacation bags/coolers.  Ok, let me just say that I had about 5 or 6
    bags that were filled and weighed a lot. 
    Of course I’m the type of person who refuses to make two trips.  I AM making it in one trip!

For this particular outfit it was a little bit of quading
and a little bit of walking/hiking. 
There are definitely ways to stay active during vacation and it’s not as
boring as going to the gym and it doesn’t feel like a chore.  You are doing something that is enjoyable and
fun.  It doesn’t feel like a chore which
lately has been my problem.  Since I have
so many things going on at work once I’m out of work, anything that feels like
a chore is a big no no for me.  Even
sometimes the blog may feel like a chore so I decide to shut off my computer
and not even bother.  Sometimes you
really do need some “me” time.  Even if
that means shutting off my computer and cell phone and drinking coffee while
parking my bum in front of the TV.  It’s
weird how I’m more active when I’m on vacation than when I’m not.  I think it’s because I find things that are
enjoyable to do.  For example the day
after Memorial Day boyfriend and I had a random walk trip to the ice cream
shop.  He lives in the center of town
where I live about 15 minutes away in the woods isolated from civilization
(just kidding I do live in a neighborhood but the closest shoprite is 10
minutes away).  He lives near all of the “happenin”
things in town.  Which is pretty much the
Dunkin Donuts, gas station, Quick Check, and a few fast food places, including
the Ice Cream Shop.  It’s only about a 5
minute drive but we decided instead of driving we would walk.  It was the most random idea that boyfriend had
but I was thrilled that he wanted to do something like this.

It was kind of “old school” meaning I did this when I was in
elementary school and haven’t walked anywhere since I was old enough to drive.  It’s little things like this that people don’t
realize they do every day that keeps them active.  I mean, when I was in college I had a few
classes on the 3rd floor of the main building.  For those of my readers who know Centenary
College in Hackettstown NJ you know the 3rd floor is brutal,
ESPECIALLY if you forgot to go to the bathroom before you walked up all of
those stairs.  For those of you who don’t
know this college, the main building is considered historic which means they
aren’t allowed to install an elevator. 
The bathroom was in the basement meaning the 4th floor.  The semesters that I had even one class on
the third floor (once I had 3 classes on that floor) I was so much thinner and
I knew I was out of shape when I would be gasping for air on that last
floor.  Needless to say, these little
extra things that you do like park far away from your work building, or take
the stairs instead of the elevator it does help.  Maybe only in a minor way but it DOES help.  
Now let’s discuss this capris leggings that I received from RBX.
RBX Active debuted on the activewear scene just three years ago and has grown steadily because of its superior quality, up to the minute styling and accessible pricing. Led by President and CEO, Eli Yedid, the company features the ultimate in fashion-active apparel and fitness accessories at price points that are realistic for today’s active consumer. Their slogan–LIVE LIFE ACTIVE effectively describes the spirit of the brand.  RBX Active is a hot brand in a growing category that is here to stay. RBX’s design and marketing team have a finger on the pulse of what is cutting edge but realistic for today’s savvy consumer. The brand delivers the best fitness apparel and accessories ensuring today’s busy women can find an exciting look that transitions from the gym to the street. The collection of tops, bottoms and jackets are easy to mix and match to reflect an individual’s style as they travel from activity to activity.  
I personally love these leggings.  They hugged me in all the right places and they stayed on and over my butt which is a huge problem I have with workout gear.  Especially pants.  They are either too tight or not tight enough.  These were just right.  I love the digital camo print and one thing I do when I am working out or wearing workout clothes is wear clothes that make me happy.  Sure they may be workout clothes, but if they are bright and fun it gives me more motivation to keep going.  That’s why I loved these because they had neon green in them which went perfectly with my top!
What do you do while on vacation?  Do you stay active?  Any recommendations?

Also, just to let everyone now, from now until July 31st, 2015 you can receive 25% off with the code Active25.  Check out RBX to receive this discount.

**Please note I received these RBX Capris Leggings for free however all opinions are my own.

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