Refreshing 4th of July Ice Cubes


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Today kicks off my 4th of July special on the
blog!  Yippee!  4th of July is LESS THAN a week
away.  Happy early birthday America!  The reason why I’m so excited is because this
year I have so many fun things planned for the holiday.  Of course it’s Independence Day which is the
most important holiday in America, but we get to celebrate and celebrating
means I get creative.  This will be the
first year I actually get down to decorating and making lots of baked goods.  I’ll be in upstate NY this coming weekend but
before I go away for a much needed mini vacation I wanted to share some 4th
of July themed posts and ideas.  Today I’m
going to show one of the most basic things to do for 4th of July,
actually it’s a good idea for summer as well. 
Most of us use ice cubes in our drinks especially in the
summer time, it’s a nice way to cool down. 
For those of us who drink water (me!) sometimes you want a little flavor
to that water.  I thought of this really
fun idea of adding fruits to ice cubes. 
I added strawberries and blueberries and throughout the whole water
drinking process I had a slight taste of strawberry.  I’m pretty sure it overpowered the
blueberries.  Then once you are done you
have some fruits to munch on.  I thought
it was the perfect idea for the holiday because it’s red and blue and I guess
the white can be the water, um yea, close enough!
Stay tuned for this whole entire week I have lots of fun
things planned here on the blog!


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