Rocking Chairs, Fringe, Boots, and Accesories


Sunglasses:  Armani // Kimono:  Target // Shorts:  Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply (old) // Boots:  G Circle/Corral (The Trading Post) // Long Necklace:  DIY // Short Necklace:   Born Pretty Store // Metallic Tattoos:  Born Pretty Store // Bangles:  Lilly In Pink
As most of you know, my Memorial Day weekend was spent
relaxing in upstate NY (I know, I’m really delayed on these weekend recaps
because it’s a week late).  This was
another one of my outfits that I wore.  I
figured it gives off the country/boho vibe that I was going for while I was
there.  Oh, and do you see those rocking
chairs behind me?  They were my permanent
seat almost all weekend.  I want to buy
two of my own actually.  There’s just
something so relaxing, being in the woods with a cup of coffee and rocking in a
rocking chair.  I actually borrowed these
boots from boyfriend’s little sister (somehow we both wear the same size which
is pretty awesome considering we both love each other’s boots).  This kimono was a last minute purchase from
Target.  I meant to go in there to buy a
dress, you know the typical sundress, and I came out with this kimono
instead.  I love fringe and kimonos.  They’re so casual and definitely perfect for
a relaxing weekend.  I’m usually a lover
of any type of fashion from the 40’s-late 50’s but for some reason lately I’ve
been obsessed with anything boho.  Maybe
it’s because of the summer vibe?
Let’s talk about the accessories of the outfit since there
is so much going on.  The shorter
necklace (the chunky one) is from Born Pretty Store.  I love it. 
There is so much going on in one necklace and it truly is a beautiful
piece.  The second necklace I made
myself.  It was my second attempt at a
DIY tassel necklace.  You can see my
first attempt from Sunday’s post here.   Needless to say it actually worked!  I will be posting a DIY for this necklace so
stay tuned.  The wire bangles are from my
Etsy shop and I’m actually wearing a few different pieces together.  Now, onto a trend that I really should’ve
tried out a long time ago but didn’t until now. 
Metallic tattoos.  The price point
for these at any store can reach all the way up to $30+ for one or two
sheets.  Now, I’ve never tested them out
so I can’t really comment on the quality but are we for real right now?  That much money for a few temporary tattoos?!  You know what I can buy for $30?  I can buy a super cute pair of shoes (if I
can find a bargain) or my gas money for a few days.  Certain things I’m really not willing to
spend lots of money on.  So, thankfully
for me (and you, if you’re interested) Born Pretty Store has them starting at
just $0.99.  Yea, you read that right 99
CENTS!  I think the most expensive one I
saw was maybe $5.99/$6.99. 
I bought a few sheets and I decided to test out the necklace
ones too, so now I just have to wait for them to arrive.  Just as an fyi if you do order from BornPretty Store it does take about 2-3 weeks to deliver, but it’s free shipping
internationally too.   Now, talking about the quality, they last for
a decent amount of time.  The one
that  I have on my wrist lasted me about
a week before it started to peel and then the other ones on my wrist would have
lasted longer if I didn’t wear my bracelets and if there wasn’t rubbing from my
sweatshirt.  In my opinion, even if they
did only last a few days I really think it’s worth it for the price you
pay.  I mean seriously?  It’s pretty much the same ones you purchase
from a department store but for WAY less. 
They are also pretty cool because if you use the regular gold ones they
give a little shine and sparkle to your wrist so you can get away with wearing
them at the office.  Well at least I
did.  Another great thing is they covered
my tattoos!  My real ones.  So not only do they look cute but they serve
a really awesome purpose that for once I went to the office without having to
put makeup on my wrists to cover my tattoos. 
They are perfect for vacations too because they give a little extra
shine and sparkle when you’re at the beach for example and you don’t want to
lose your jewelry.
**Please note I was given the necklace and metallic tattoos for free as a review, however all opinions are my own.


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  1. In huge love with that fringe kimono and I love it with the denim cut-offs. This outfit has such a Southern Americana vibe to it. =) Thanks for hosting the link-up.

    Welcome by! <3 Ada.

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