So You’ve Graduated! 5 Ways to Keep Your Job


If you read yesterday’s post (here) I went over a few points
on how to ace your interview.  So for
today’s 5 for Friday I wanted to write about five ways to keep the job you
worked so hard and interviewed for, just to keep the theme going for the week!  We
all know the job market is changing and it is hard to get a job.  Just because you aced your interview and got
the job doesn’t mean you can goof around now and not care about the actual
job.  You got this job, prove to the
managers that they didn’t make a mistake!

1.  Keep Work at Work and Home at Home

Since I’m at work and traveling to work 12 hours a day it
really does get to you.  If I’m not
working, I’m still working.  My blog is
now a full time thing too.  So of course
if someone goes wrong at work by the time I get home my mind is still going
about work.  How am I supposed to enjoy
myself if I’m worrying about my job?  I
recently took on the job of 4.5 people (a few things were added to my plate as
of recent and prior to that it was the job of about 3).  When something like that happens your brain
pretty much revolves around making sure NOTHING was missed.  At the end of the day you need to realize
that once you leave that building your job is done for the day, unless you have
a work phone and you have to be on call 24/7. 
Just remember, in order to keep yourself sane leave everything in it’s
designated area.  If you come home and
your parents or significant other ask how was work my usual response is work is
work.  Unless if something is really
bothering me then I’ll talk about.

2.  Dress Code

Make sure you abide by the dress code.  This is EXTREMELY important.  I almost sometimes feel like this is more
important than your work ethic.  If you
work at a company like mine where there are constantly customers visiting you
don’t want someone looking like a slob walking through the halls.  Your boss will really appreciate this and
will take you seriously.  Just like your
interview your appearance is key.  First
impressions are a one time shot so what happens if the CEO decides to pop in
for the day unannounced and you’re dressed terribly?  Not only does this reflect poorly on you but
your managers as well for allowing you to stay at work looking like that.

3.  Work Hard

Thank you Captain Obvious! 
But seriously, work your little tooshy off!  Like I said earlier, just because you got the
job doesn’t mean you can slack off.  You
are replaceable because there are many recent graduates or experienced
professionals who can do your job no matter how big of a position it is.  Don’t procrastinate, get things done as soon
as you can because you never know when your managers might need that report
that they gave you last week that they said was due at the end of the month.  If you didn’t even start it yet they are not
going to be pleased.  Also, don’t stumble
in after a night of partying.  You are no
longer in college, you are an adult please act like one!

4.  Be Pleasant

Be the reason people don’t mind coming into work.  When I first started a few years ago I was
called the bottle of sunshine of the group. 
I help everyone as much as I can. 
Always try to keep the mood up.  I
know you don’t want to mix business with pleasure even when it comes to being
friends with coworkers (chose wisely) but if someone is upset or having a hard
time try to cheer them up.  Even if it’s
just asking to go to lunch or something. 
You don’t have to be besties but help just enough so they feel like they
aren’t alone and that they can do this. 
Don’t let someone sink, help them swim.

5.  Be On Time/Early

I’m usually not early (unless it’s a holiday or the summer)
because of traffic.  My job understands
that I travel extremely far and in the worst traffic so they understand that
one day I can come in early and the next day if there’s an accident I can be
late.  In the beginning try to be
early.  If you can’t be early then be ON
TIME.  Even if everyone in your
department is walking in late, remember they’ve either been there for a while,
or they may have an agreement with management that they can come in late and
leave late.  Make sure you are ready to
work as soon as you walk in.  Of course
it takes times to start up your computer and get settled but if you are walking
in late, unless you have to use the bathroom try not to waste any time chit
chatting.  If you’re late you need to
take care of work first.

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  1. So many great points! I have always believed in leaving work at work and I always try to be on time but traffic sure can make things difficult. It's always nice to be the one that bring up morale and told you were missed even when gone just for a day. Have a great weekend!

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