So You’ve Graduated! OOTD Part 1


This is my “spreadsheet” face as boyfriend called it when we were taking these pictures.  Can you tell that I’m not a fan haha?
Blazer:  Old // Pants:  Burberry Prorsum (Ewa Bazaar) // Shoes:  Gucci (gifted) // Portfolio/Folder:  Staples

This is the generic business professional suit.  Can I please say one thing, employers DO look
at your appearance.  I have the perfect
example for this as well.  When I first
graduated college back in 2009 (now think of the time period as the recession
hit in 2008) it was extremely hard to find a job, and I mean really hard.  I did try the job hunt before I made the
decision of going back to get my MBA but I went on a few interviews.  I remember walking into this one company
which was a recruiting agency (I ended up working for them for a short period
of time) and I wore my lucky suit that my mom got me as one of my graduation
gifts.  I walked in and as soon as I saw
how everyone else was dressed (extremely casual just no jeans) I thought oh my
gosh I look like an idiot I’m way overdressed as if I’m not already
nervous!  When I got the call back and
when I ended up getting hired the owner actually told me he had a few applicants
that day that had higher GPA’s and graduated from better schools but they weren’t
dressed like I was.  Can you believe
that?  He flat out told me he hired me
because I was dressed that part.  That’s
why I believe that when going on your interview you need to be dressed the
part.  If you’re a girl wear heels, but
please learn how to walk in them first because you don’t want to be THAT girl
that looks like a baby calf learning to walk for the first time.

I also feel as though when you look put together you feel
the same way.  When I’m dressed in my
yoga pants and tshirts (which you will almost NEVER see unless you come to my
house)I feel way too relaxed and I definitely don’t feel professional.  However, if I were to put on a blazer with
jeans I already feel a little more put together so can you imagine how I feel
when I have a full on suit?  Nowadays you
don’t have to go for the generic suit, you can play with it a little even if
you do want an all black one there are really nice ones with different cuts and
styles.  This suit would be more for your
typical “Corporate America” job interview, this is something I would have worn
to my job interview for where I work now. 
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s outfit because it’ll be the fun interview suit
for jobs where you need to think outside of the box!

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3 thoughts on “So You’ve Graduated! OOTD Part 1”

  1. This is great that you are doing this for new grads because this stuff is so important for people attempting to enter the workforce to know. It seems common sense but its one of those things that for so many its not (like in the case of your temp interview). I had to laugh at your analogy about heels and the baby calf because that is totally how I probably looked in the past when I used to not wear heels as often. hehe


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