So You’ve Graduated! OOTD Part 2 and a Link Up!


Blazer:  Marshalls // Pants:  Burberry Prorsum (Ewa Bazaar) // Scarf:  Born Pretty // Shoes:  Sam Edelman (old) // Portfolio/Folder:  Staples

If you saw yesterday’s post (here) you already saw the
professional interviewing suit.  Now I
want to show something a little more fun. 
This would be for an interview where you have to think outside the box
and be a little playful.  It’s not the
typical corporate job.  Do you research
though which I’ll go more into detail with in tomorrow’s post.  I love this more than yesterday’s look for
obvious reasons.  It’s bright and fun and
it’s something I would wear in real life too just switched up a bit.

I would probably wear a suit like this to a company that has to do with fashion or the arts.  Maybe even wearing this to a startup company’s interview shows that you’re an excited individual.  Make sure you do your research though because I would never wear this to an interview with the job I have now.  I would wear this in the office but not for an interview.

If you noticed from yesterday’s post, I also pinned my hair back.  I would actually take bobby pins and pin the face frame back too depending on what job you are interviewing for.  First of all the hair I have (the crazy ombre) I probably wouldn’t have while going through the interview process.  It may be a trend but for some companies they might not take you seriously, trust me, this happens.  You need to apply some psychology to your interview process including your appearance.  Just compare this interview outfit to yesterday’s outfit.  If you worked for a typical “Corporate America” type job who would you pick?  Of course you’d go with an all black suit.  Think of yourself as the interviewer and what you would be looking at.  Just because you have a really awesome GPA and went to a prestigious school, if you come in to a company with hot pink hair and ripped jeans they most likely won’t take you seriously, and if they do that is seriously the dream job haha just kidding.

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Also, please note I did not just graduate.  I graduated a few years back so I am speaking from experience with this week’s posts!

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  1. I'm totally envious of you wearing that bold top with the leopard print shoes. I would put that on and then second-guess myself and change it out for some neutral shoes. I know leopard print is supposed to be a neutral but sometimes I'm just not convinced. And then I see others wear it and just LOVE it.

  2. I love that pink blazer!! The fact that you added the leopard heels just rocks!!! Happy Wednesday you beautiful lady!!

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