10 Reasons why you should watch Orphan Black


As most of you know by this week’s theme I’m trying to convince you to watch Orphan Black.  I think I’m actually liking this more than The Walking Dead and Pretty Little Liars combined.  That’s a pretty intense statement for me because I’m the first one to get excited about Walking Dead and PLL.  I decided to put together some reasons why you should watch this show, besides the fact that it’s just awesome.

1.  Very realistic
When you watch Orphan Black it’s almost as if you feel that
something like this could truly exist. 
There can be such a thing as clones. 
2.  Suspenseful
There’s always some kind of action.  Whether it be the psycho Helena or Sarah
running from people, there is always something going on.
3.  Analytical
I love shows that make you think, like CSI, NCIS, or
anything of that sort.  Even a show like
Pretty Little Liars makes you analyze the people and you start to notice body
language, even though they are acting you can still tell that certain movements
mean something.
4.  Science
I’m not a huge science person, but certain things do catch
my interest.  The science and technology
behind Cosima’s character mostly because she’s the scientist is so
5.  Clone for Everyone
There really is a clone for everyone.  The main character Sarah is kind of lost and
rebellious (she also takes over Beth’s identity after she walks in front of an
oncoming train in the first episode) but will do anything for her
daughter.  Then there’s Allison who is
your typical soccer mom/stepford wife plus some neurotic behavior on the
side.  You know the kind of person who’s
really nice and perfect but will put you in your place if she has to.  Cosima is the lesbian scientist who is part
of the science behind this whole thing. 
My favorite is Helena.  She is
lost like Sarah, only she is the evil side of lost.  She grew up in a convent in Ukraine and
afterwards was taught to kill and you watch her character evolve over the 3
seasons, but I won’t tell you what happens, no spoiler alerts.  Then there’s Rachel, my least favorite
because she is a b-iatch.  She runs the
whole thing as queen bee.  There are a
few more clones that get introduced but those are the main ones that are in
every season. 

6.  Tatiana Maslany’s Acting
This actress is truly amazing.  If you watch Orphan Black, even though they
all look alike, they each have their own character that she portrays
perfectly.  She goes from a rebellious
teenager figure, to a soccer mom, to a crazy psycho with a Ukranian
accent.  She really is great and truly
embraces each character.
7.  There’s always a twist
Right when you think you know what’s going to happen you’re
wrong.  No matter how much I analyze the
show, almost every time I’m surprised.
8.  Graphics are on point
First of all, they do such a great job with the fact that
they are working with one actress who has to be a bunch of different people.  The way that they edit is just amazing!
9.  Love stories for those Romantics
For those of you who are always looking for the romantic
love story side of things there are a few things that happen that show that
just because these women are clones, they do have emotions and feelings.

10.  Underestimated
Whenever I ask people if they watch this show they either
don’t know what I’m talking about or they’ve heard of it but never watched
it.  I feel like this show is very
underestimated and that’s why you should give it a shot because it’s not
blasted all over the place so you don’t really get too many spoiler alerts if
you hop onto Facebook.

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