30 Day Hair Diary

Hello my lovely readers! 
Today I’m presenting my hair diary to you.  I took a picture for a little over a month with my phone as a hair diary.  Some I liked more than others so I chose my favorites!  Ok, so it might be a few more days than 30, but I couldn’t help myself!  Using heat has also damaged my hair severely,
which I do with the haircut I have.  So,
for a month I wanted to see what hair styles I could come up with instead of having
to use a straighener.  I cut my hair in
September with an asymmetrical bob.  Of
course it’s supposed to be straight in the front and short/stacked in the
back.  With that being said the
straightener became my bestie.  After
over 6 months, my hair finally had enough. 
It’s breaking, brittle, and just downright damaged.  I decided I needed to give my hair a break
and what better time than summer?  My
straightener has been retired for a little over a month.  I feel like these styles really tested my
limits as well on what I can and can’t do. 
The most challenging was when I had my extensions because you have to
strategically place them and make sure that they aren’t showing.  With today’s post I wanted to show all of you
a little creativity from my end with hair. 
If you would like tutorials for any of these just leave it in the
comments below!

This was actually later in the month, but it was my favorite braid.  I did a fishtail from one side of my head to the other and then the bottom braid had one fishtail that was part of the four stranded braid.  LOVED this one so much!
These two were my first ones that I tested out.  I found a few tutorials and YouTube videos on how to add extensions into braids without showing and thanks to this big braid trend it’s so easy to hide the extensions behind a massive braid.

The second one is actually my favorite in this picture.  I tested out making a braided headband.  I failed a little bit on the one side but did awesome once I got the hang of it.

I’ve always loved fishtails but this one is my favorite.  I made this fishtail so big.  It took me a while because I was strategically pulling so I didn’t pull too much but I loved it and got so many compliments!

This is proof that girls with short hair can also rock some braids!

I attempted the heart braid.  Unfortunately since this is all just extensions my natural hair didn’t reach, it wasn’t thick enough and came out looking more like Miley Cyrus than a heart haha.
I love love loved this style.  It was a lot easier than expected.  All you do is part your hair in three sections all the way from your forehead to your neck.  Almost like you have a mohawk in the middle and hair on the sides.  You take the “mohawk” twist it, and secure while you go all the way down.  Then you take pieces from the side twist it and put it over the “mohawk.”  It was really simple and unfortunately since my hair is super short it didn’t turn out as nice as I wanted, but I think the many colors in my hair made it look cool haha.
If you look at the second picture in this whole post you’ll notice that I did the same thing with the above left picture only on short hair.  Then to the right I tried a fishtail and snake braid but I think they also call them macrame braids.

This one was fun!  I simply put two thicker fishtails on each side of my hair and pulled out the strands while making it a messy do.  

Another one of my personal favorites is the one on the left.  This one took a long time, but it was totally worth it!

This one was failry easy.  You just take three fishtails and put them back into a ponytail.

Tested out the waterfall braid, it’s a lot easier than it looks!

A waterfall braid that also had a dutch underneath.

This one was pretty simple.  Just two dutch braids.

My first shot at a four strand braid.  It was the day after this that I actually did the first picture in this post.

Does anyone remember topsy turvy ponytails?  They were huge when I was little and I remember seeing the commercials for the special tool that does it for you even though it’s so easy!


My dutch braid that surrounded my whole head.  This was fun, but when you use extensions there were a lot of bobby pins and hairspray involved.

Another Dutch braid.

I got this hair piece, the metallic tattoo, and bracelet from Born Pretty Store as a review.

Channeling my inner Sarah Manning.

Channeling my inner Cosima.

This hair accessory I also received as a review from Born Pretty Store.  I was so worried that it wouldn’t stay in my hair but it did and I’m in love with it.  I can’t stop wearing it!

Last but not least.  I finished off with yet another dutch braid.  I’m actually wearing my hair in fishtails while we speak.  I love them!

**Some items in this post I received as a review.  All opinions are my own.


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  1. LOVE these looks and love braids. I love asymmetrical bobs, I have one too but always contemplate growing it out. Every time I get this hair cut, after a while I end up growing it out until it is really long and I can do so much with it when it comes to styling it but then I get sick of it and go back to the asymmetrical bob. I'm thinking maybe when summer is over I'll grow it out for a little while.


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