5 for Friday

today’s 5 for Friday is going to have a little bit of picture overload from
last weekend.

We obviously weren’t ready, or at least I wasn’t haha!

4th Recap
Ok, so here is a little recap from the 4th of
July last weekend.  I know a lot of
bloggers already did their recaps but I really had no time to write a full
recap until now.  So above are a few
pictures of my friends and some of the goodies that I made.  Also, us three ladies somehow fit on a quad
and it was actually really comfortable! 
Of course, lastly, that’s a picture of one of the fireworks that boyfriend
set off.  Poor thing slid right under the
mule too.  Regardless the firework show
was awesome and I really love going to upstate NY.  It’s so relaxing and I don’t have a care in
the world when I’m there.
Minion Movie
Most of you know that I’m OBSESSED with minions.  Well, the Minion movie is out!  I’m seeing it possibly today, maybe sometime
this weekend.  I’m so super excited y’all
have NO IDEA!  For those of you who have
seen it don’t spoil it for me haha!
Little Man’s Birthday
Next week is my little fluff ball’s birthday.  A few months ago I celebrated Lilly’s
birthday (here), and on Tuesday it will be Kuba’s 10th
birthday.  Time really flies.  I bought him a mini piñata that will have dog
treats inside instead of candy.  Adorable
balloon birthday candles, an elephant toy, and I will be making him an apple
peanut butter cake that is dog approved. 
I can’t wait!
Advertising Sale
The last day for the advertising sale is tomorrow so make
sure if you want to have a side banner or a guest post to contact me by
tomorrow!  You can check out all the
details in last week’s post here.
Countdown to Poland: 22 Days
You guys I only have 22 more days until I’m in the
motherland.  I remember when I first
started my countdown and it was in the 80’s. 
Now we are less than a month away! 
I can’t wait because rumor has it I might be taking a quick trip to
Sweden as well for a few days, but that’s still up in the air.  Even if I don’t go to Sweden this vacation is
jump up and down worthy!
If you missed any posts from last year’s trip to Poland you can click here, here, and here!

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  1. Wow, love your festive Fourth of July outfits and decorations! BTW, where did you live in Texas? My husband's from there so we've traveled all over — Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi — visiting his family and the state definitely has it charms!

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