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Boots:  Justin’s (Cavenders) -given to for review
New Hat
Now, I’ve been wanting a real tree hat to match my Justin’s
boots for a little while now.  Pink is
very me and I feel like real tree kind of brings out the other side of me.  The side that isn’t afraid to get on a quad
and go muddin’ or anything of that nature. 
I may not be wearing heels on the back of a quad, but I still have my
hair and makeup done most of the time haha. 
Also, my “allowed to get dirty clothes” are also pretty cute.  So, the hat in that picture on top of my
boots is from boyfriend’s little sister. 
She bought the hat for herself but said that it’s more me than her.  I mean, it has pink sequins and lace on it,
COME ON THAT’S SO ME!  She bought herself
another one and decided to pass this one down to me.  I’m pretty excited because now I have
something to batch my boots!  Yay!  Thank you Melaina!
Stay tuned for next week’s theme
I’ve been so excited for next week’s theme ever since I
thought of it.  It’s taken me quite some
time to prepare it for you because since I’m not a photoshop expert I had to
rely a lot on YouTube tutorials for the editing portion (you’ll understand when
you see it next week, no it’s not color correcting or anything like that).  If there’s any post that counts, it would be
Thursday’s post because that took the most amount of time and that’s the one I’m
really proud of!  It also shows the nerdy
side of me, thanks to this I kind of want to go to Comic Con haha.  You will be able to understand more next
week.  I want to tell y’all so badly but
I can’t!
Dad’s Triathlon
Tomorrow is my dad’s triathlon.  He has been training for this for quite some
time now.  He’s dropped so much weight
since he first started, I think almost 50 lbs if not more?  It’s like my dad is the incredible shrinking
man haha.  I got him some lucky
sunglasses (Oakley’s of course) specifically for this event on Father’s
Day.  Hopefully they help!  Let’s just put it this way, my dad’s in
better shape than me, his 27 year old daughter haha!

Kuba’s Birthday
If you missed my little one’s 10th birthday (he’s
a dog not a child, I just realized what the beginning of that sentence sounded
like lol) you can click here to see all of the festivities and the second
pupcakes recipe I’ve made.  I made one
for my other fur child Lilly here and she loved it!
Countdown 15 days!
I know I’m probably starting to sound annoying for those of
you who follow my blog every day, but it’s seriously getting down to the
wire.  Only 15 more days until I leave
the country to go to Poland and Sweden. 
I’m super excited!  Don’t forget
to check back on le blog though because I have some guest bloggers taking over
my blog while I’m gone.  Trust me, you
won’t want to miss their posts!
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  1. Your dad is pretty amazing to have lost 50 pounds and be running triathlons. Good for him! I'm totally intrigued now about next week's theme and posts. Can't wait to see what that is all about!

  2. I embraced my inner nerd and included Comic-Con in my "five on friday" post as well. I can't wait to see what you post is! Happy Birthday to Kuba!

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