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Dad’s in the lime.  Too many people were in front of him to take a picture of him from the front.

Dad’s Triathlon

You see those awesome pictures up there?  Yup, that’s my dad.  He went to the triathlon this weekend.  The bad news is it got cancelled almost right
before my dad made it to the finish line for the biking portion.  There was a severe weather watch so they
cancelled it, even though about 20 minutes later it was a beautiful day, but I
guess better safe than sorry.  Anyway, my
dad’s time on the swimming portion was really awesome, I’m so extremely proud
of him.  Even though he didn’t get to
finish he got something out of it.  Not
only did he get a good time on swimming, and even though it was a downpour and
I was soaking wet I waited for my dad while I had boyfriend take my mom to the
car, but I decided that next year I will do it with him.  Hopefully my knee will be ok, because it will
never be a good knee again, but I will do my best, plus they make braces for
this reason!

Orphan Black Recap and YouTube
This week was my favorite theme so far on my blog.  I’m OBSESSED with not only minions, but
Orphan Black too.  I posted a YouTube
video recap but I’ve also added all of the links below in case you want to take
a look at the actual post.  I’m so
extremely proud of this series I did and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I
did!  I love doing little themes on the
blog because I feel like it gets my creativity going and this was by far my
FAVORITE.  Now, Orphan Black just needs
to start their new season.  I’m going
through Orphan Black withdrawal even though it’s only been a month.

Links to all of the pictures of Tatiana Maslany that I do not own the copyright of:

Also, if you’re looking to purchase the Funko Pop dolls I showed above you can click on the links of the names you are looking for to be redirected to them!
Alison, CosimaRachel with Martini (not pictured), Rachel Duncan Pencil in Eye (not pictured), HelenaHelena with Parka (not pictured), Sarah ManningFelix not pictured.

Now for the posts from this week in case you missed them:

Mani Monday
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Poland next week eekk!
I know y’all are probably sick and tired of hearing me talk
about Poland but next week is when I’m leaving. 
I’m seriously so happy.  I get to
see my family and I get to eat a lot of good food.  Thankfully my grandparents are within walking
distance but I have to walk up a really steep hill to get to them so I’ll be
working off all of the calories I will be putting in my body.  I only get to eat that food when I’m in
Poland, so might as well eat as much as I can!  Make sure to follow me on social networks like Facebook and Twitter especially because I have a bunch of posts for you while I’m gone so I wouldn’t want you to miss any of them.  Yes, I will be disconnected for two weeks.  I feel like sometimes taking a little breather even from my baby (aka my blog) is much needed.

Heat Wave
We’ve had quite the “heat wave” here in Jersey.  I’m sure it’s considered a normal day
temperature wise but the other day it was the hottest day of the year at a
whopping 91 degrees where I live. 
Certain parts of Jersey were a little hotter, but why can’t Jersey have
more hot days?  It’s so much better than
snow, and I know some people are complaining about it being too hot but I’m
soaking it up as much as possible because before we know it we will be
bombarded with snow for 8 months haha.  I
mean can you believe that we are almost done with July?


Orphan Black favorited my tweet!  AAAHHHH.  It’s the little things in life haha.

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