Alison // Orphan Black


Dress:  INC // Shoes:  Gucci
“Hello Donny.”
That quote up there, yea, the boyfriend says I say it
EXACTLY like Alison.  Alison is the clone
who is your typical stepford wife/soccer mom/”kill them with kindess” type of
person.  Don’t be fooled by her exterior
though.  She is quite the badass
herself.  She has guns and knows how to
use them.  At the same time she knows how
to cook the perfect meal for her husband and two adopted children.  Here’s another spoiler for you.  The clones can’t actually reproduce, which is
why Sarah is so special because she has a daughter that she is the biological
mom of.

She keeps calm in almost every situation until she is pushed
too far.  That’s when she explodes and becomes
a loose cannon.  For my outfit I decided
to go with the classier side of Alison because there is an event that she goes
to where she looks almost like Audrey Hepburn, but below I put together a
collage of the casual side of Alison.

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Alison Hendrix

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