Baby You’re a Firework and a Link Up!


Dress:  Forever 21 // Sandals:  Sam Edelman (Marshalls)
Another 4th of July look today.  This one is your typical summertime relaxed
look.  If you’re not a big shorts person
like me (I have about 2-3 pairs of shorts that I actually like wearing).  With that being said, I usually wear dresses
or skirts because they are more comfortable for me.  I love that maxi dresses are a huge trend,
they are so comfortable and they can still look awesome!  This dress has made an appearance here before
so this is a little remixed outfit.  I
actually felt self conscious in this dress for the first time since buying it a
year ago.  If you’ve been following my
blog for the past year or so you know that last year I dropped almost 30 pounds
(my goal weight loss).  Well, this year I
gained it all back so lately (I started my diet last month) I’ve been feeling
self conscious.  I actually almost didn’t
post this picture because I was not happy at all while taking these pictures
and I actually went home and cried like a little baby afterwards.  I’ve touched base on this subject before here
on the blog and I even inspired one of my blogger friends to write about this
topic too, but sometimes you just fall into these holes of your brain where you
criticize yourself in the worst way possible. 
I’ve struggled with my weight (well maybe moreso body image) ever since
I was in 5th grade when I started changing into a young woman
instead of a girl.  Even though I know I’m
not “fat” or anything like that, I see something completely different in the
mirror.  That’s why I decided to post
this picture anyway.  If there’s anywhere
in the world where I can be myself it’s on my blog.  I also know that the last time I talked about
this I actually helped a few people and the comments I received were amazing.  I know how it is to feel “fat” even though
everyone around you is saying otherwise. 
There’s nothing anyone can say that can change your mind if you see
something different in the mirror. 
Sometimes it’s OK to cry, even if it is about something stupid like
this.  One thing I will probably forever
struggle with is loving myself 100%.  Not
in a conceited/narcissistic way, but in a self confidence type of way, if that
makes sense.
Moving on…
I had to add the picture of my hair from my cell phone that
was uploaded onto Instagram a few weeks ago because you can’t see the details
in the pictures themselves.  I’ve been
getting really creative with my hairstyles lately because since going blonde I’ve
noticed a lot of breakage and damage.  I
want to keep the rest of the damage to a minimum by staying away from heat like
my straightener or curling iron/wand.  I
know that you can also cause breakage by certain hairstyles and hair product,
but I feel as though it’s not as bad as heat. 
I’ve noticed a change in my hair for the better so I think I’ll stick to
my creativity when it comes to styling hair. 
I added the bow (thanks Melaina) because it’s just so cute and
patriotic.  Even though I’m wearing
predominantly white and blue, I feel like this bow gives a nice pop of red for
a patriotic outfit.  What are your plans
for 4th of July?  Something
fun I hope!
Oh, and sorry if I got Firework stuck in your head, it got
stuck in my head when I thought of the title for this post.  I thought it was fitting because firework, 4th
of July, get it?  Haha, dumb joke I know!



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  1. I have loved all your patriotic looks this week. Today's is my favorite but I also loved the DIY fringe tank that you made. Your braid is so healthy and pretty and even more beautiful with that flag bow. Love the maxi too. Pleasure linking up as usual. Happy 4th!!

    P.S. I would love to guest post sometime. E-Mail me and let me know what dates you have available. Thanks, Ada. =)

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