Cosima // Orphan Black


Top:  Burberry // Pants:  Marshalls // Boots:  Kensie (Lord and Taylor) // Glasses:  Firmoo

“You just broke the first rule of clone club.”
Cosima is another one of the quirky characters.  She is the nerdy scientist with awesome
dreads.  She’s literally the science
behind it all.  Cosima is studying their
genetics secretly by taking samples of her own and having them tested.  She then gets involved with someone who ends
up being her monitor.  Oh, if I haven’t
mentioned it before or if you are just tuning in, a monitor is someone who
watches the clones and reports to some doctors. 
So, Cosima gets involved with her monitor and come to find out she works
for the scientists who are trying to work against (well kind of)the people who
created the clones.  Somehow Cosima gets
talked into working in their lab and finding out more about the clones.

Cosima is also researching the sickness that the clones seem
to have.  Some are affected earlier than
others.  With that being said you’re just
going to have to watch Orphan Black to see what happens to Cosima.

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