Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling Attire (and a Link Up)

Well Jersey Girl, Texan Heart readers, the time has
come.  This Saturday I will start my two
week long journey back to the motherland (Poland) AND Sweden.  I’m so severely excited I can’t handle
it!  Make sure to check my blog while I’m away because I have some guest bloggers and some of my own blog posts scheduled for you!  For today’s post, I wanted to share
from experience a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to dressing comfortably and
fashionably while traveling.  These Do’s and Don’ts are more for people who are traveling out of the country, who have long layovers, and for those who have to run through the terminal to  make their next plane within a half hour.  I’ve had to do this many times and I’ve learned my lesson on what I should and shouldn’t wear.  Of course I’m big into fashion, but at the same time I will sacrifice a pair of cute heels for flats or converse so I can run.  Also, I’m seriously warning you, there’s a lot of picture and content in this post so I’m thanking you for reading it in advance!

Top:  Ralph Lauren // Shorts:  Ralph Lauren // Sandals:  Birkenstock (old, Famous Footwear) // Bag:  Louis Vuitton

Look One: Sweater:  Ralph Lauren // Shorts and Scarf:  Burberry // Boots:  Luchesse at Cavender’s 
Look two:  Cardigan:  Mom’s Closet // Tank Top:  Old Navy old (the sequins were sewed on by my mom a long time ago) // Necklace:  Old // Pants:  Macy’s // Sandals:  Sam Edelman (Marshalls) // Bangles:  Lilly In Pink

Sweatshirt:  Stella McCartney for Adidas // Pants:  Miss Me Jeans // Converse:  Old from Famous Footwear
  • Wear shoes that slip off i.e. flats, converse, etc. Or, how in the one picture I have cowboy boots, you can also substitute these for UGG’s.
  • Wear pants that you can run in and relax in.  If your flight is delayed or you have a 7
    hour layover like I did last year, trust me you are going to want to be
    comfortable no matter how big of a fashionista you are.
  • Wear tops that you feel comfortable bending in.  There are so many times where I see girls
    wearing adorable tops but they didn’t think to look that when they bend over it’s
    a full view of what they look like underneath. 
    I usually go for tops that don’t show cleavage and anything that is
  • Wear handbags that you can either throw over your shoulder, a backpack, or have a cross body.  You don’t want to
    have a bag that you need to hold because you need those free hands!
  • Have hair ties. 
    Nothing is worse than not having a hair tie, especially when you are
    traveling.  Sometimes you really just
    need to put your hair up and get it out of the way.  I usually keep it down, but just in case I
    need a hair tie for that split second it’s so worth it!
  • Wear minimal jewelry. 
    You don’t want to hold up the line or take 10 minutes to take off your
    jewelry and aggravate the TSA people. 
Traveling Staples

Fringe top / Splendid slim fit shirt, $64 / White cardigan / MANGO yellow top, $23 / Helmut Lang legging / White House Black Market petite pants / Charlotte Olympia leather shoes / Nike sneaker / Birkenstock brown shoes, $85 / Converse sneaker / Canvas tote bag / H M drawstring bag, $46

Now moving on to the Don’ts of traveling attire, at least in my opinion.  This is more for if you’re traveling out of the country or you know you will be going from plane to plane with only a half hour layover (running is a must obviously) or you have a 7 hour layover (which you want to be comfortable).

Both Looks:  Pants and Dress are found at Ewa Bazaar
Look One: Necklaces: Macy’s // Pants: Burberry // Top:  Old Guess // Shoes:  Old Sam Edelman
Look Two:  Dress Valentino // Belt:  Burberry // Necklace: Macy’s // Shoes:  Gucci (gifted)
Too much neck candy going on in the first one and in both the first and second picture those shoes are not very comfortable, even when sitting down they sometimes NEED to come off.

You can’t see it in the picture but the jacket above has way too much hardware on it.  I’m pretty sure it would be a major problem going through the security check.


  • Wear jeans without a stretch
  • Wear lots of jewelry
  • Wear shoes that don’t come off easily, I would recommend to
    stay away from heels unless you’re one of those girls who truly loves her heels
    and wears them all the time and doesn’t own a pair of flats.  If you are one of those girls, huge props to
  • Wear a belt if you don’t have to.  These have to come off during the TSA check
    and if you’re in a rush trying to get that belt back in the loops it’s really
  • Forget to bring an extra shirt and pants in your carry
    on.  You never know when there might be
    an accident and you might have to change. 
    Last year, the little girl I was sitting next to had an accident.  Let’s just say thankfully the plane blanket
    was covering me, otherwise I would’ve had to change.
  • Come unprepared. 
    Check the weather where you are headed. 
    Check to see how warm or cold it’s been. 
    I know what the weather is like in certain months in Poland.  Last year I knew to wear something that was
    more geared towards early/mid spring rather than full blown summer.  Good thing I did because I would’ve been so
    cold had I not!
**See this article in Vietnamese courtesy of Nicy Nguyen from Coupofy


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  1. Your point about wearing shoes you can run in is so true! I went to Italy a few years back and we really did have to run to avoid missing a flight!

  2. OOOH *hit! i better know about your blog sooner, now i am in Bali, and i reconized all the stuffs which coming along with me are usless…e.g dresses, so many uw(???!!!!!), long pants, high hills… i had to buy flipflop, shirts, it's wasted so much! O.o 1st time for vietnamese travel over sea is so much confused! 🙁

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