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ebay daily deals

Kitchenaid KP26M1X Pro 600 Stand Mixer 6-qt Super Big Large Capacity… / MJVE2LL/A / Samsung Galaxy S6 edge / Canon / Vibe Stereo in Ear Soft Touch Headphones Perfect Stereo Sound Quality…

As most of you know I collaborate a lot with Ewa Bazaar on
eBay, but today I wanted to bring you a new twist on eBay.  A lot of people that I talk to think that
eBay is just for used items, but it’s not like that!  A lot of people sell brand spankin’ new items
that are straight off the shelves.  Since
I always show you the deals that are happening with apparel I wanted to show
you some more deals for some home products
These are a few things that I have been wanting!  Also, these were all found through eBay Dailydeals which was a huge help, and it also shows you some daily deals that match
your recent searches/orders.
I started baking last year. 
I was the one who had two left hands (instead of feet, see what I did
there) in the kitchen.  My mom was
actually quite worried because all the women in my family are amazing
cooks/bakers.  Well, I showed her that I
know what I’m doing!  Here I am almost a
year later and have created some awesome baked goods.  So first on my list that I found through eBaydeals here was this awesome Kitchenaid.  I’ve
been wanting a pink or robin egg blue one for quite some time.  Eventually I will get it so I’m not
constantly borrowing mom’s.  Can you
believe that with this you can pay $35 for 6 months instead of paying the full
amount all at once?

I think I’m the last blogger on the planet that doesn’t have
an Apple Desktop or Laptop.  I’ve been
using my handy dandy HP for a few years now but I think it’s time to move on
and start getting up to speed.  Plus,
iMovie is something I will need for any future YouTube tutorials.  I think that’s why I haven’t uploaded too
many because I’m somewhat limited when it comes to being creative with my video
making.  This particular one is a 13.3”
Air Notebook for either the full $829 or you can in increments of $139 for 6
months.  I’d say that’s a pretty good
tech deal.
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
Back in March I was due for an upgrade.  I haven’t upgraded since because I kind of
like going on a month to month basis with Verizon instead of signing up for a
whole new contract and my phone really isn’t that bad.  However, when this phone came out I was
debating on whether or not I should switch back to an Android operating system
or stick with iOS.  Personally, when it
comes to phones, I prefer Android over iOS. 
I think it’s just because the iPhone battery dies all the time and you
can’t insert a sim card in order to be able to have more storage space.  Once you hit a certain amount of storage on
your iPhone and if you don’t have room in iCloud it’s really not worth paying
extra for storage space.  So, I think I’ve
decided to switch back over to Android and this would be the phone I would
get.  If you buy this phone straight from
eBay you can either pay $669.99 or $112 increments for 6 months. 
Ok, so this Canon is pretty awesome.  You can either purchase it at $1,199.99 or
pay $200 for 6 months.  I’m pretty happy
with my Canon Rebel, but it’s a really old model and once I start getting into
more photography (which has been happening lately) I really want to invest in a
nice camera.  Don’t get me wrong the
Rebel is a nice way to start out but if you want to get more serious you have
to step it up a bit.
Vibe Stereo Headphones
As most of you know if you’ve been reading my blog I’m
getting ready to go on vacation next month. 
I see so many people at the airport listening to music through
headphones, then there’s me with the ones that came with my phone and I feel so
outdated.  It’s funny how back in the day
bigger headphones were what was available, then we switched to the little ear
buds and now we are back to the big headphones. 
I personally hate ear buds, they fall out of my ears ALL THE TIME, oh and
the sound quality isn’t that great. 
These particular ones you can get for $8.99.  AND, they have pink ones, SCORE!  I’d say that’s a pretty good tech deal.

How about you, do you shop online?  Have you checked out the eBay Daily Deals

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